1 day, 23 hours, 58 minutes and guess… yep, seconds that are still disappearing! Pre-Aussie Girl who is up at 12:02 am (Minnesota time) and 3:02pm Brisbane time.

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow (well, today!) is my official packing day! I will lay out all the suitcases and start my loverly pilgrimage of packaging. :P lol… I should totally write a poem about that! haha… I was in Fargo earlier today and made a list and that is when it really hit me. I am going to be living in Australia for 5 months. It’s amazingly crazy and I can’t wait! Nervous, yes… a tad! But, it will all be good! It will go by very fast! I am sooo blessed that God has already set people in line for me. As in He has already given me friends that are going and also small things like a friend who actually lives in Brisbane who is going to come pick me up at the airport. Then also a girl (the one who I got together with for lunch) who left a bunch of stuff over there in Australia for me, until I get there.

I am really excited, but tomorrow is going to come fast… Well, It has already come! Ohh, and I leave for Australia on the 15th, and on my countdown it shows I have one day left. I don’t count today or the day that I leave= 1 day left. Then when tomorrow ends I will have to say I have a 1/2 day left… haha… since I will be totally missing Friday. To tell ya the truth, I still don’t understand the international dateline! *Devin scratches her head* ah, oh well… I will get a whole day back when I return… (groundhogs day… just thought about that movie!)

But, I updated this wordpress a bit more, I added a page about me and also one on England, when I was there.

Be totally blessed,

Devin Berglund

4 thoughts on “1 day, 23 hours, 58 minutes and guess… yep, seconds that are still disappearing! Pre-Aussie Girl who is up at 12:02 am (Minnesota time) and 3:02pm Brisbane time.

  1. I don’t know how you got your header tabs to look like that, but I’m completely jealous! I hope to get my posts going this week, but I’ve been getting behind – just like with everything else it seems!

    Anyways…very excited for you! I think you seem to be pretty good to go (other than on the packing end, of course). And your family should be finished looking at your England pictures by the time you get home, so they’ll be all ready for new pictures! :)


    • Hahhaa!!! It would definitely take about 5 months for them to finish looking at the pictures! lol… And for the tabs… If you go under Appearance on the left hand side… there will be a thing that will pop up saying current theme… press the Headers tab and you will get to edit it. I think same with the background and menus. :) Good Luck, mi amiga! :P

      • I tried that, and the only thing it lets my edit is my image…and I don’t need to fix that. I just want to get the tabs part sorted out. I’ll have to do some research. Thanks though! :)

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