11 hours to take off*Pre-Aussie Girl not tired sippin’ on some chocolate milk. Last night in America!

I can’t believe it!! I am going to be leaving in 11 hours! Makes me think I should get some sleep! I am sooo happy I don’t have 2 days… I understand know where Friday goes? It leaves, so I get to Aussie sooner! lol… I am just overly pumped and excited! To meet everyone and to see the beauty of Australia! God is soooo Good!

A man’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way?”-Proverbs 20:24

That is totally me… I don’t know exactly what my own way is… I only know that the Lord has a plan and I have to follow it. I remember being so nervous and not really sure that I wanted to go to the other side of the planet! But, now I am not afraid! I am really excited and feel totally blessed! I will majorly miss my family and friends back here! But, I will be back and I will also meet many amazing people who will influence my life in amazing ways! :)

As Bernie Mac would talk to his audience as “Hey America” I will also “Hey, America…Keep it real!” I am praying for you all and God will keep ya in the palm of his hands just as he watches all of us! “He’s got the WHOLE WORLD in HIS HANDS!” So nice to know that awesome promise!” It is soooo true!

Well, my loves, I must get ready for bed! Excitement is on the overload but I am rather tired now! So, Much Love!

Devin <3

2 thoughts on “11 hours to take off*Pre-Aussie Girl not tired sippin’ on some chocolate milk. Last night in America!

  1. I love you! I know you are going to have a grand adventure in life.
    I think of how many blessings God has shone you even before this trip started!
    So i know that you will learn and see so much. i hope you will be blessed with some
    awesome new friends who share your passion for life and God!
    Love you much!

    • Thank You Momma! You are an amazing Mom too!!! :) and God is using you in many ways-even when you may not see it! I am soooo thankful you are my mom and that you rose me the way ya did. :) love ya!

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