7th Day in Aussie Land-Can’t believe it’s been a week!



Australia Sippy Downs


I am currently living in a really nice Apartment, I moved from the first one that I was in because it’s in the party unit and I needed sleep. So, when I moved into the first apartment in Sippy Downs Australia, it was the first night that I came back there was a party in the living room. All the drunk people were talking loudly and making no sense at all. This was all while I was sleepy… I had been Jet lagged and had sat on the loooongest flight in my life ever. Then when I got close to the table someone’s beer fell on my foot and my thong (flip flop) was soaking in sticky liquid. I went to my room and shut the door and heard all the noise happening in my living room so I decided to ask Ilse if they could move the party. And they did! Thank God! But then It was loud outside till about 2am so I ended up staying up anyways! Pretty crazy. I have to admit that I have never dealt with that or have ever been in that type of an atmosphere. Even though it may seem crazy or weird. I just find that people act very immature and stupid when alcohol is in them. Aaron my other roomie at the time (VERY nice guy) doesn’t like how the parties are out of hand as well either. I was online pretty late that night and he popped up on facebook saying, pretty hard to sleep, huh? And such.

Then I finally got tired and went to bed.


The flight was crazy-everything was at the airport. First of all when I was going through security at Fargo and seeing my family wave while I descended through the security-it was odd that they were not coming with me. Didn’t feel right. I went into the sitting area to wait for my plane almost feeling like I totally didn’t believe this was for real.

In Minneapolis I ended up having a 2 hour layover, which was kinda crazy! I found a girl that I met on facebook in the airport. She was really nice. I am soooo thankful that I met someone else who was going to the USC, so that I didn’t have to travel alone! Thank You God!

LAX- We got to LAX and only had an hour and a half to make it to the other teminal to our international flight. It was CRAZY…Although, we saw this matience man and he showed us to the quanta’s terminal. Thank goodness.

Plane: Let’s see, there are probably no better words than this to describe how a 12-hour flight feels (almost unexplainable.) It was very hard. I ended up having to get up almost every 15 to 20 minutes to use the bathroom. I felt like my stomach was going to give way. And then It was hard to sleep with others sooooo close to you. The food was amazingly good though. I am amazed.

When I finally got off the plane we went through customs and I got my bags and soon went through a area were 2 dogs smelled my luggage and out a door to find my Aussie friend, Amy waiting for me with many other people. She took me to her car and then drove me around Brisbane to see the city. We got out and went on the City Cat which is the Ferry that goes up and down the Brisbane river. It was a neat thing to see. Then we ran some errands and headed to the Coast. We went through Caloundra and we got out to take pictures. We also went through Mooloolaba. Then as a total God thing-I stepped out of the Amy’s car and  Stephanie (a girl from Louisiana who I had been in touch with on fb and who also was a part of Chi Alpha at her campus too!)  She was getting out of her car and said, “Devin???”

Who would have ever known that God would aid me in this very way. Have people there for me every step of the way!! I am sooo thankful!

And then when I checked in another facebook friend walked in and was like, “Devin?? From facebook??” and I was like, yeah!! It was my friend Lindsey!

I am sooo thankful God has been moving and helping me along the way, every moment, hour, and second so that I learn new things everday!

It’s so crazy to think I have soooo much more to share with ya! I will write again VERY soon!!! I must get ready for a friend’s going away BBQ! I am going to miss Stephanie-Such a God Blessing she was and is!

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