What one learns while fasting Facebook on the day of Tuesday

Right now I am sitting on my bed writing. I took a break from cleaning/packing. I have been  a busy girl today. Last night I was listening to a speaker on different issues and stuff… and he was saying that the most effective way for breakthrough in your life or others lives is to pray, and fast. It was a very good thing to learn… So, after hearing that I decided I would fast today… not go on facebook. So, when ever I get an erdge to go on facebook instead I would pray and worship, and writing always seems to help me get out my feelings and is also a form of worship. At least I believe it is. The speaker spoke about how a few of the disciples were trying to cast out a demon (out of a man) in Jesus’ name but the demons didn’t want to come out. Jesus healed the man, and the disciples wanted to know why they hadn’t been able to cast the evil out and pretty much what he said was that some can only be cast out in prayer and fasting. I found that interesting: so with any issue in life, it’s very important to pray and believe what you pray will come to pass and not praying like Jesus is a Genie in a bottle… because that isn’t how he works. Like I have written before that a small seed faith can move mountains. Or like in church this week my pastor said, “the impossible for us as humans is possible with God!” He also said that in order to make impossible things possible with Jesus – 1. You need to take responsibility. 2. You need to go to the next level  – Jesus wants more for your life. 3. Need to take Jesus’ offer on abundant life. So I thought those were very interesting. So, that is what I am doing and that there is why I decided to fast/pray today. I fasted facebook and instead dedicated that time when I would be pulled to Facebook to pray and write and listen to what God wants me to learn.

I have been soaking in Galatians 5-6 the past two days… So, I am just going to Lament on what it is that the verses mean to me.


1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

• We were set free because Jesus wants us to live in freedom. Be careful in every way so that you can not be hooked with slavery again.

5 For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope.

• We wait in the Spirit., with faith (even though we can’t see the Lord. We know He is real) and hope for good things that will come.

7 You were running a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth? 8 That kind of persuasion does not come from the one who calls you. 9 “A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough.”

•You were doing just fine, but what happened? How did you get so far away from the truth? That doesn’t come from the Lord. A little bad ruins the whole batch.

13 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh[a]; rather, serve one another humbly in love. 14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[b] 15 If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.

•There is no other way that you should be BUT free, as that is your calling. Do not misuse your freedom though, to do things that will hurt you in the end. Rather put your aim on others, Love others as you love yourself.

16 So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 17 For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever[c] you want.

•Walk in the Spirit and by doing so you will not feed the evil desires. The flesh desires what the Spirit dislikes and the Spirit loves what the flesh hates. They; both sides are fighting a war for your soul. So watch your footing.

25 Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. 26 Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.

• Living in the Spirit we must be IN the Spirit which means closer to him than a brother. Don’t let petty things get in the way between you and the Spirit.


1 Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted. 2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. 3 If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves. 4 Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, 5 for each one should carry their own load.

• If someone is stuck in the mud on the side of the road and you are on the path running the race towards the goal, help that person out of the muck, but be careful that you too… don’t get stuck. Carry your friends struggles and in this we fulfill what Jesus wants us to do. If people believe falsely about themselves about something that they shouldn’t believe – they are being deceived.  Instead they should test their actions and develop themselves for who they are and start carrying their pack… on the path of life. So in a short sentence: You must help them get set onto the path again but don’t get stuck.

An entry from word-girl in Australia…

Hello all,

I made a music video ( )the other day to give to some of my German friends who are leaving… and have left. Yesterday I said good-bye to 2 of them that I had gotten close to. They were musicians and we would write lyrics together.

If you have ever seen Eddie and the Cruisers, It’s an exceptional film about a band that is starting and they find a guy who has talent for writing lyrics (they called him word man). And Eddie the lead singer says to him: “Words and music, man- they need each other.”

That was how we worked, I was their word-girl. It was kind of sad saying good-bye. For one because it’s the first group I am saying good-bye to. And it’s another thought that shows that some things come to an end sometime. Thank goodness some things never end though.  It is also tough because I know my time will come too. And the more I think about not wanting to leave it causes me to see that I will have to…at least for a little while.  I stopped by my German friend, Sonja’s place to say hi and she was packing her bags… realization hit me then… that in a week she will be gone as well. Tough truth. But it also made me realize that I have 5 days starting tomorrow until I move out of Varsity Apartments and I haven’t started packing even. Crazy… I just realized I haven’t posted any pictures of the varsity accommodation or the school… hmm… I will go take pictures tomorrow at the school and on the accommodation of Varsity so that I can post pictures tomorrow.

Now enough with the thinking back… I was looking at some pictures on another girls site of her baking, she is a friend of mine from school in Minnesota. But anyways she had all the packages of her ingredients set out all around her in the picture. She was making a dessert. But what I thought was crazy… all the major brands looked like something foreign. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that. I had been so used to everything, back home but when I saw the brands Crystal Sugar, and Quaker Oats, and Land O’Lakes I kind of felt like WOW, that is crazy. They look weird. I have gotten used to the brands over here so they all look normal and typical… what will happen when I visit the grocery store back home… interesting… I might end up staying in the grocery store getting to know it all over again. I remember my first time at a grocery store here in Australia I stepped into the store and looked around… all the different brands and stuff confused me and I think that I had probably stayed in there with my friend for an hour trying to allocate things.

Today I have been brought back into the light about why prayer is so important. Just as we like to get together with our close friends, or boyfriends, or family we also need to get together with our heavenly father… not only when things are going badly but when things are going smoothly as well. Sometimes people forget to call upon him when things are going good.

Well that is some thought for the mind…

So, I am trying to continue writing a story and I am trying to figure out how to word it… how I want it. Lol…

So, Thanksgiving is almost here. I wont be in the States for it, but in spirit I will be there. As I think a thankful heart should be year round and also everyday!

Although I will miss the warmth of the house, the chilling cold air outside, sitting by the fire place with my family while sipping on hot apple cider. The Autumn leaves, and pumpkins covered in frost setting the scene while the tantalizing smell of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, lefse, and mashed potatoes and gravy tempt me. Also the smiles of my lovely family and their huge love for me! I will be spending Thanksgiving in Australia. I am still trying to figure out everything and stuff… It would be really nice to find a real Pumpkin… and by a real pumpkin I mean the Halloween pumpkin…. The kind you make Jack-O-lanterns out of.

So, I could make some pumpkin cookies or pie? So I might go to a market with a friend on Wednesday to see if they have a Pumpkin. Sadly with customs they remove anything pumpkin if people send you pumpkin stuff. Not from experience or anything but I have heard about it from friends who have been sent stuff…. Never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, hey?

So, do wish me luck…

Much Love,

Devin <3

Examination or Execution

Today was my final day of uni (university) in Australia! YAY! Just need to be done with school soon! I studied today like crazy! I had an exam at 4.30pm and that was killer when I got there. I was expecting something like a normal test or exam (or what ever you like to call them.) But anyways… when I got there I looked in the window of the sports stadium. I kinda thought it might be strange since it was in the Sports Stadium. LOL… Yes, and it was strange… inside the window there were what seemed to be hundreds of chairs and white tables with numbers on them. Hundreds of students were lined up outside the doors and then when we got to the doors they gave us a number… I felt like they were going to execute us. Have you ever seen the real life movie Anastasia? When they are all going to that one room to be shot? And then all of a sudden the Russian army pulls out guns and starts shooting the Romanov family? Yes, that is how I felt. I found the table with my number on it. I seriously think that this is the first exam/test thingy that I actually used the whole test time taking it. It was 2 hours long and it was the most stressful/exhausting 2 hours of my life while in Australia.


But Now, Thank God I am done!!!! Now I can just relax.

Although since school is done for me for a few months… all of a sudden a character shows up in my mind and hasn’t stopped bugging me. That seems to always happen to me. Relaxation only goes so far… maybe they are right with this… that writing is a form of schizophrenia. Never know… hey? (If you wonder why I write Hey at the end of some sentences, it’s a habit I picked up from my Aussie friends.) It’s kind of like Canadians “eh?’  but nothing against ya Canadians – I love ya… but I think “hey?” is cooler! Lol…


But yes, this story Idea. You know the story of the prodigal son? If you don’t the story in a nutshell is: A man had two sons and the one he dearly loved went away from home… left and his father badly wanted him to come home… the son went away to the city and lived his life how he wanted to but when things started getting unbearable and to hard in the dark city he left and went back home. The father was over joyous that the son came home.


Well I was just thinking earlier that that is somewhat what my story has to do with. A girl who loves her father (God) and she ends up running away even though she knows she shouldn’t… and then she realizes God’s love and comes back to him. J So, that is my idea in a nutshell!

But yes, I am done and happy about that and also now all these creative ideas are floating around in my head… only issue and problem will be to get the pretty little ideas out of this little head! :P lol…

Well I better scoot!



Devin <3

Studying, Sunbathing, Learning another language, add some uniqueness to your life! :P

I should be studying but I really don’t want to – so I thought that if I make a new blog entry it would inspire me to study even though i really would rather not. It is for the Indigenous Studies class of mine – through out the semester it has been a hard course to study as it seems as many people are on pins and needles around the matter. Since it happened recently (The Stolen Generations) and the scars are still tender and not healed there is a lot of stress from it still. But not to sound weird or anything I think it is the same as the Issue with the American Indians… Not to sound racist, because I am definitely not but according to stats the American Indians are more likely to abuse alcohal and drugs, have low income, not work and also die younger. That is something that I have seen from the Aboriginal people as well!

So, I found this website called Byki.com and it’s a free online language learning program. I am currently learning some Afrikaans on it – quite interesting. But having grown up in the Midwest of America (Many of us don’t know other languages.) Which, I believe is REALLY bad… It’s a major disadvantage. I am going to try learn Afrikaans (for one it’s fun learning other languages because you can communicate with others that usually you couldn’t…and secondly… my boyfriend’s family speaks it fluently, so it would be cool to know some.)

I studied Spanish for 2 years in highschool and I think that I will also try go over my Spanish skills later… when back in the States. I am so amazed with some International students here. Like my french roommate, he knows more than just French… He knows English, and while in Australia he picked up Indonesian. Which is like WOW! That is amazing!

I got an Idea for a story last night, or rather REALLY early this morning. I skyped with my Mom and all of a sudden time disappeared and I saw the sky outside was getting lighter. Yep, I couldn’t believe it. :P But, hey a good story Idea came from it! :D Will update you all soon!

So, I must through some unique-ness into my life. I need to go study, and then I will tackle the next things that I want to experience! I’d also like to sit outside and soak in the sun! :P AWE!

Baie liefde,

Devin Berglund


Thoughts… (Man, I think a lot!!)

As I wrote under the Writing Journey OZ page… that I want to write at least 1000 words a day as most writers and authors write a certain amount daily to have their quota – I decided that I would write some today! So, today I washed all my clothing and hung it out on the porch to dry. I really have been thinking a lot about how I got used to all the people I have been seeing daily or at least weekly here. The Germans that I have gotten so close to, The Aussies who have made this place home for me, and of course a boyfriend (and his family) who has done so many amazing things for me. I am going to miss people so much! God is telling me each day not to think about it and to just live each day, by day. It’s harder said than done but it’s a good thing to do. I don’t know how anything will be bearable once I am back in the States.

And of course when I left the States I was afraid of not meeting people or that I wouldn’t be able to follow the Australian Accent very well… when I have practically heard the accent so much that I don’t recognize it overly anymore! I was a quiet little American girl from Minnesota – one of the most random States in America… People elsewhere in the States usually think that we have accents where we pronounce our A’s and our O’s long. (like Minnesoooooda!) and they think we have such harsh winters that we have Igloos and can’t go outside in the winter (Once when I was in the South, they asked me how I get my groceries in the winter. Like… really?)… but in fact it is a land where we do go out in the winter. I have lived their my whole life (and to tell you the truth I am still not used to it!) that is until I came to Australia and have lived here for exactly 5 months (on the 17th of this month) and I am blown away at how much I love it. Just walking to school the sun shines down and I looove that warming feeling!

One thing I thought about the past week was, well maybe it was God that gave me the idea… He was like “Devin, do you need all the stuff that is sitting, awaiting you in your room back home?” and you know what? I don’t think I do need ALL that stuff. Here I have been living on the other side of the world for about 5 months and I am living out of 2 HUGE suitcases and one carry on suitcase. Just shows you how much life can be simplified and really how much you need.Like it made me think that I could just give/throw away half of that stuff because I haven’t used it for 5 months and i probably wont use it when I am back. So, it’s useless! :P Plus, it would be way easier than going through ALL of it!

I am filling out the graduation application for this Spring 2011. I want to get done with school so that I can do something else. I really like design/photography/and writing so it would be a wonderful thing to do while traveling. I know that much. And another thing is that I know God has a plan and that everything happens for a reason. I went through everything I went through to get here… to Australia. I am here in Australia for a reason. I went through Drama earlier in the semester for a reason, and I met amazing friends and a great guy for a reason. Just to amazing how there is a reason for absolutely everything.But, yes I plan to graduate on May 13th, so I hope that works out! :) Be Blessed Wonderful People, Devin Berglund


Altogether Sydney was an amazing experience. My highlight from the whole trip was the Sydney Hillsong church. I know you might be thinking, “What the heck Devin? The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are there and your highlight is a church?” Yes, as a matter of fact it was. The city of Sydney was a tie between Fargo North Dakota and London. If that makes sense. A lot of the people were rather rude, I suppose it’s that bigger city feel like New York or LA – so of course like anywhere else there are rude people. But there were also nice people.

Sonja (One of my awesome German friends) and I saw many amazing things – we saw the bridge (which, I am amazed was beautiful!) even though we didn’t do the bridge climb [Next time!!!] and then also the Opera House. There was a writers walk as well, which is kinda like the Walk of Fame in LA except famous writers of Australia and some who were international authors who visited Australia Like Mark Twain (Although, I didn’t see his marker) One I did see was Banjo Patterson (and for those of you who don’t know who he is – you may know his work, he wrote a poem that was the inspiration for the movie The Man from Snowy River! How awesome is that? :P

I am trying to see as many literary things as I can, while I am here too. When I was in England the country side was seeping with inspiration by the old masters who wrote. So, I want to learn as much as I can from the Australian Artists and Authors as well! :)

The random musings of Devin Berglund on the 9th of November, 2010

Today I just booked my exit from Varsity, the University Apartments that I have been staying at this semester! I will be checking out of here on the 26th of November and then will move in with a friend of mine named Lydia. She is really nice, it was her birthday where we all dressed up like we were from the 90s. It was fun!
So, I will be checking out of here and moving on to a new adventure in Australia. I was originally supposed to fly out of Australia on November 27th, but I prayed and had others pray that it would be possible that I stay longer and get the airport to allow me to fly out at a later date because my visa ends late December and I wanted to stay a bit longer. :P It came through that I would get to stay till January 10th. Crazy happy about that!

After my trip to Cairns with the Germans, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. Kinda like the feeling you get after being on the wrong track for awhile. God was saying…”Devin, go back to church!” So, I did… and am i gladder than ever that I did. He had a big blessing for me that I may have just missed if I hadn’t gone back. Other than always having a loving fatherly hand to help you through all issues in life. I met my future boyfriend, again. I had met him my first week in Australia but as I have written before – I seriously wasn’t looking for a relationship. But God had a different story! :) So, yes, my boyfriend is actually from South Africa and he moved here to Australia with his family about 3 years ago! His name is Johan, a really nice guy! :)

So I went to Paramore a few weeks ago with Johan, it was an exciting trip/concert in Brisbane! One I shall never forget! And I recently got back from a trip to Sydney…Was in Sydney last weekend! Here are some pictures! Hope you enjoy them!

Your Minnesotan in Australia,

Devin <3