The random musings of Devin Berglund on the 9th of November, 2010

Today I just booked my exit from Varsity, the University Apartments that I have been staying at this semester! I will be checking out of here on the 26th of November and then will move in with a friend of mine named Lydia. She is really nice, it was her birthday where we all dressed up like we were from the 90s. It was fun!
So, I will be checking out of here and moving on to a new adventure in Australia. I was originally supposed to fly out of Australia on November 27th, but I prayed and had others pray that it would be possible that I stay longer and get the airport to allow me to fly out at a later date because my visa ends late December and I wanted to stay a bit longer. :P It came through that I would get to stay till January 10th. Crazy happy about that!

After my trip to Cairns with the Germans, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. Kinda like the feeling you get after being on the wrong track for awhile. God was saying…”Devin, go back to church!” So, I did… and am i gladder than ever that I did. He had a big blessing for me that I may have just missed if I hadn’t gone back. Other than always having a loving fatherly hand to help you through all issues in life. I met my future boyfriend, again. I had met him my first week in Australia but as I have written before – I seriously wasn’t looking for a relationship. But God had a different story! :) So, yes, my boyfriend is actually from South Africa and he moved here to Australia with his family about 3 years ago! His name is Johan, a really nice guy! :)

So I went to Paramore a few weeks ago with Johan, it was an exciting trip/concert in Brisbane! One I shall never forget! And I recently got back from a trip to Sydney…Was in Sydney last weekend! Here are some pictures! Hope you enjoy them!

Your Minnesotan in Australia,

Devin <3

One thought on “The random musings of Devin Berglund on the 9th of November, 2010

  1. It’s too bad that I won’t get to see you until January now, but I am very happy for you! You are on a wonderful journey, Devin, and I’m glad that you were given the opportunity to experience it. You deserve to have a special someone in your life, and I’m happy to see that you found that in Johan. I hope you continue to have fantastic experiences while in Australia. :)

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