Studying, Sunbathing, Learning another language, add some uniqueness to your life! :P

I should be studying but I really don’t want to – so I thought that if I make a new blog entry it would inspire me to study even though i really would rather not. It is for the Indigenous Studies class of mine – through out the semester it has been a hard course to study as it seems as many people are on pins and needles around the matter. Since it happened recently (The Stolen Generations) and the scars are still tender and not healed there is a lot of stress from it still. But not to sound weird or anything I think it is the same as the Issue with the American Indians… Not to sound racist, because I am definitely not but according to stats the American Indians are more likely to abuse alcohal and drugs, have low income, not work and also die younger. That is something that I have seen from the Aboriginal people as well!

So, I found this website called and it’s a free online language learning program. I am currently learning some Afrikaans on it – quite interesting. But having grown up in the Midwest of America (Many of us don’t know other languages.) Which, I believe is REALLY bad… It’s a major disadvantage. I am going to try learn Afrikaans (for one it’s fun learning other languages because you can communicate with others that usually you couldn’t…and secondly… my boyfriend’s family speaks it fluently, so it would be cool to know some.)

I studied Spanish for 2 years in highschool and I think that I will also try go over my Spanish skills later… when back in the States. I am so amazed with some International students here. Like my french roommate, he knows more than just French… He knows English, and while in Australia he picked up Indonesian. Which is like WOW! That is amazing!

I got an Idea for a story last night, or rather REALLY early this morning. I skyped with my Mom and all of a sudden time disappeared and I saw the sky outside was getting lighter. Yep, I couldn’t believe it. :P But, hey a good story Idea came from it! :D Will update you all soon!

So, I must through some unique-ness into my life. I need to go study, and then I will tackle the next things that I want to experience! I’d also like to sit outside and soak in the sun! :P AWE!

Baie liefde,

Devin Berglund


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