Examination or Execution

Today was my final day of uni (university) in Australia! YAY! Just need to be done with school soon! I studied today like crazy! I had an exam at 4.30pm and that was killer when I got there. I was expecting something like a normal test or exam (or what ever you like to call them.) But anyways… when I got there I looked in the window of the sports stadium. I kinda thought it might be strange since it was in the Sports Stadium. LOL… Yes, and it was strange… inside the window there were what seemed to be hundreds of chairs and white tables with numbers on them. Hundreds of students were lined up outside the doors and then when we got to the doors they gave us a number… I felt like they were going to execute us. Have you ever seen the real life movie Anastasia? When they are all going to that one room to be shot? And then all of a sudden the Russian army pulls out guns and starts shooting the Romanov family? Yes, that is how I felt. I found the table with my number on it. I seriously think that this is the first exam/test thingy that I actually used the whole test time taking it. It was 2 hours long and it was the most stressful/exhausting 2 hours of my life while in Australia.


But Now, Thank God I am done!!!! Now I can just relax.

Although since school is done for me for a few months… all of a sudden a character shows up in my mind and hasn’t stopped bugging me. That seems to always happen to me. Relaxation only goes so far… maybe they are right with this… that writing is a form of schizophrenia. Never know… hey? (If you wonder why I write Hey at the end of some sentences, it’s a habit I picked up from my Aussie friends.) It’s kind of like Canadians “eh?’  but nothing against ya Canadians – I love ya… but I think “hey?” is cooler! Lol…


But yes, this story Idea. You know the story of the prodigal son? If you don’t the story in a nutshell is: A man had two sons and the one he dearly loved went away from home… left and his father badly wanted him to come home… the son went away to the city and lived his life how he wanted to but when things started getting unbearable and to hard in the dark city he left and went back home. The father was over joyous that the son came home.


Well I was just thinking earlier that that is somewhat what my story has to do with. A girl who loves her father (God) and she ends up running away even though she knows she shouldn’t… and then she realizes God’s love and comes back to him. J So, that is my idea in a nutshell!

But yes, I am done and happy about that and also now all these creative ideas are floating around in my head… only issue and problem will be to get the pretty little ideas out of this little head! :P lol…

Well I better scoot!



Devin <3

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