An entry from word-girl in Australia…

Hello all,

I made a music video ( )the other day to give to some of my German friends who are leaving… and have left. Yesterday I said good-bye to 2 of them that I had gotten close to. They were musicians and we would write lyrics together.

If you have ever seen Eddie and the Cruisers, It’s an exceptional film about a band that is starting and they find a guy who has talent for writing lyrics (they called him word man). And Eddie the lead singer says to him: “Words and music, man- they need each other.”

That was how we worked, I was their word-girl. It was kind of sad saying good-bye. For one because it’s the first group I am saying good-bye to. And it’s another thought that shows that some things come to an end sometime. Thank goodness some things never end though.  It is also tough because I know my time will come too. And the more I think about not wanting to leave it causes me to see that I will have to…at least for a little while.  I stopped by my German friend, Sonja’s place to say hi and she was packing her bags… realization hit me then… that in a week she will be gone as well. Tough truth. But it also made me realize that I have 5 days starting tomorrow until I move out of Varsity Apartments and I haven’t started packing even. Crazy… I just realized I haven’t posted any pictures of the varsity accommodation or the school… hmm… I will go take pictures tomorrow at the school and on the accommodation of Varsity so that I can post pictures tomorrow.

Now enough with the thinking back… I was looking at some pictures on another girls site of her baking, she is a friend of mine from school in Minnesota. But anyways she had all the packages of her ingredients set out all around her in the picture. She was making a dessert. But what I thought was crazy… all the major brands looked like something foreign. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that. I had been so used to everything, back home but when I saw the brands Crystal Sugar, and Quaker Oats, and Land O’Lakes I kind of felt like WOW, that is crazy. They look weird. I have gotten used to the brands over here so they all look normal and typical… what will happen when I visit the grocery store back home… interesting… I might end up staying in the grocery store getting to know it all over again. I remember my first time at a grocery store here in Australia I stepped into the store and looked around… all the different brands and stuff confused me and I think that I had probably stayed in there with my friend for an hour trying to allocate things.

Today I have been brought back into the light about why prayer is so important. Just as we like to get together with our close friends, or boyfriends, or family we also need to get together with our heavenly father… not only when things are going badly but when things are going smoothly as well. Sometimes people forget to call upon him when things are going good.

Well that is some thought for the mind…

So, I am trying to continue writing a story and I am trying to figure out how to word it… how I want it. Lol…

So, Thanksgiving is almost here. I wont be in the States for it, but in spirit I will be there. As I think a thankful heart should be year round and also everyday!

Although I will miss the warmth of the house, the chilling cold air outside, sitting by the fire place with my family while sipping on hot apple cider. The Autumn leaves, and pumpkins covered in frost setting the scene while the tantalizing smell of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, lefse, and mashed potatoes and gravy tempt me. Also the smiles of my lovely family and their huge love for me! I will be spending Thanksgiving in Australia. I am still trying to figure out everything and stuff… It would be really nice to find a real Pumpkin… and by a real pumpkin I mean the Halloween pumpkin…. The kind you make Jack-O-lanterns out of.

So, I could make some pumpkin cookies or pie? So I might go to a market with a friend on Wednesday to see if they have a Pumpkin. Sadly with customs they remove anything pumpkin if people send you pumpkin stuff. Not from experience or anything but I have heard about it from friends who have been sent stuff…. Never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, hey?

So, do wish me luck…

Much Love,

Devin <3

2 thoughts on “An entry from word-girl in Australia…

  1. I love you, Silly girl! You write your words,and it seems to make me cry! Miss you and know that Thanksgiving should be everyday. You will have many blessing to come, God is always there watching and guiding us!
    Enjoy the warm weather, I am going out to take pictures of the ice on the water, hopefully the camera and I will not freeze. It is 12 degrees out! Snow is coming tonight!
    Love you so much!
    Enjoy your minute!

    • Thanks Momma!! :) I miss you tons too!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures of snow…and ice. It seems that a white Christmas is a fairy tale here… I can see why Aussie’s want to see snow… because of how it is portrayed in movies… :P 12 degrees though, man, that is cold!!! Have some hot apple cider for me by the fire place! :D Love you!!

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