A little bit of Christmas Cheer… need to pass the flame!

About the pictures: The first Nativity set is exactly like mine back home and then the second one is like the one that my Mom and I would decorate! and then the rest are of me cutting a paper snowflake! :P too fun! Memories!!! :P lol… Then the book is my favorite Christmas Childrens book… Check it out! :D Love ya all!!

Hello everyone, I am sitting in my room looking out the window while listening to Christmas music. Now you would suppose that there would be snow falling, right? Well, not really, since it doesn’t snow here. It’s interesting being somewhere where it doesn’t snow in the winter… or rather December because it is actually summer here in Australia. But I found myself now wanting to write about Christmas. The songs such as “Oh Silent Night…” “Joy to the World…” “We three kings…” It makes me think of snow falling on the land making it powdery white and sleigh bells jingling on sleigh rides. Warming up by a sparkling warm fireplace with family while drinking mint hot chocolate. The smell of homemade Christmas cookies tempting me to eat one more. I also find myself thinking about my Nativity set back home. I miss setting up a Nativity set. The thought and emotion that goes into placing the characters from the Christmas story in their places, where they are supposed to be. I can see it simply. I watched this video and cried…It was touching! It totally shows why/how a person should treat Christmas. I guess that a thing people can forget about is that it isn’t the gifts or the setting that makes up Christmas, but what makes up Christmas is having the spirit of Christmas and loving Jesus and spreading his love. So, I am going to name the things that I miss and remember have to do with Christmas and I will name something good that I can do to spread the Christmas cheer and spirit! Making snowmen and snow-angels: I will be creative and do stuff that is worth my time. Since I was created, I will create. To take as many pictures as I can and be as imaginative as possible. Inspired to write, draw, and create. Making Christmas Cookies: I will spread joy around with the sweetness in my smile and I will be there for people, because you never know how long you have or how long others have. Watching the snow fall while being warm inside- I am going to make snow flake ornaments and hang them in my room and give them to people to spread warmth. :P maybe the sun will come out then? Lol… Helping my Mom set up the Nativity set- I will think of a creative way to make a nativity set or somehow with objects on the beach and then I will take pictures of it! I can’t ever replace the feelings that I have around Christmas time because they are bright and warm memories with family – laughing and reading the Christmas story every year before we open presents. Joyous moments around the Christmas tree while listening to carols while putting up the Christmas decorations with the whole family! I hope that everyone is doing wonderful. I just found myself really thinking about Christmas! :P And since it doesn’t snow here, I was able to get it to snow on my blog! Haha! So enjoy the snow! ☺ Much Love, Totsiens!! Devin! ☺

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