Pillows VS Pillow Drifts… Class… Snow… Birthday Wishes… Lovely Boyfriend!! :D Blessed!!

Woke up this morning with tired eyes… Mom said that schools and local businesses were closing or saying come in 2 hours late. I remember when I was younger, I always loved that. Having a little more time at home to relax or possibly more time to sleep, of course. So, i was thinking about possibly not going to class, but then my Dad called and said that the roads were not that bad… So, I decided I may as well go… besides I am still thinking about going back to Australia in March for Spring Break and if I need that class period grace for missing a class then, I will wait until I really need to miss a class…maybe that made no sense. In our classes we can miss 3 classes without it affecting our grades… and for that class I missed 2 already, so i will save the 3rd one for when i need it. :)

But then my Mom and I head out to Fargo and the roads are full of Pillow drifts which are from the wind blowing snow across the roads and then it forms into HARD piles of snow… It can really hurt your car if you go over these… (GUESS what??? I will go out and take pictures of some things and post them {I shall call it the Intro. Guide to Minnesota/North Dakota in the winter.}) but yes, then when we got to about 30 minutes from Fargo, the wind was REALLY blowing across the road. I hate that weather… I hope the weather is photo worthy tomorrow… for I am doing my first winter/fashion photo shoot with a friend and really want it to turn out nicely! :)

This last weekend my Sister, and one of my sister’s friends, My mom, and I went to Minneapolis, because my sister had a audition. She is currently auditioning to different ballet company’s and Dance Schools… It is so hard to believe that she is 17 almost 18 – and that soon she will be graduated and in college. So, while she was auditioning, we went shopping and found some cool stuff. I found some cool shirt/dress type things. They are floral…funny thought is that I am only looking for floral prints these days… my style got influenced by the Aussie Culture and i miss it! :) I got this cool book at Barnes and Noble on creativity and photography! I am so excited about it and to try some of the ideas mentioned in the book.

Another awesome thing about today after I woke up… (By the way, it is January 24th, 2011 – which means that 23 years ago i was born!) lol… and got on facebook to see if my boyfriend was still on… and he was!! :) Then we spoke on skype and It was just so lovely seeing his face! I really miss him! More than a person would ever know! He told me that there would be a surprise waiting for me at my brother’s apartment! Oh how I miss that boy!

Well, I will write again soon, I am in my British Literature class and got bored so I thought I would write something and make something of the time I have.

P.S. I encourage you in this same journey… I have decided that every time I worry or fear about something that instead I will give it to God right away and then pray for people and for abundant blessings instead! :)

You are good…you are good… when there is nothing good in me… You are love, You are love on display for all to see.

So I just thought I would update my blog… since I changed my header on my site. Life has been crazy! I have been away from Australia for 2 weeks… and it’s hard to believe. It almost feels like the life I am living isn’t real… everything going on everywhere and me being in the middle not doing anything. Sometimes I find myself asking… why? Where? When? Why? I am going to graduate at the end of this semester happily – so happy to be done with school. But, then I need to find out what it is that Devin Lillian Berglund will do with her life. I have been reminded that I need to trust trust trust Jesus and go with what he wants me do. Life has been a bit tough lately. I don’t feel like I belong to my country or any other country… I understand the feeling of not being of the world.

I bought the Hillsong CD on ITUNES (A Beautiful Exchange) and I just looove it


“Oh, I’m runnin’ to your arms, Oh, I’m runnin’ to your arms
the riches of your love will always be enough
nothing compares to your embrace
light of the world forever reigns!” -Forever Reign

Keeping busy

So, I have been keeping myself busy with being creative. One wonderful thing is that God is a creative God and all good and perfect gifts come from him… That being gifts that he gives us…blessings (like people in our lives) and also our talents. One thing I have just told myself, is that I need to create…at least something… because if I didn’t I think I would go crazy… I know I have before when I let my creativity go so long ago. And that, my friends… is where Satan (and his tactics – stealing joy, depression, oppression, fear, worry, hate, jealousy…all work to bring you down to destroy you… because he only did come to steal, kill, and destroy.) So, when he has stolen your joy and creativity… you get bogged down and can’t see the blessings through everything around you. And amongst everything there are blessings.

So, I have been taking a lot of photographs… trying to build my portfolio. I am pretty much completely booked for next weeks time plots for pictures!! I am sooo happy about this too… first of all to get some thrilling awesome pics for my portfolio and then secondly to make some money. As you all know, I really loved Australia… and I am planning on going back because I really miss my boyfriend. So there are many reasons I am occupying my mind… I don’t want to be a piddily puddily mess… and having my family wanting to send me away FAST like… lol… so I need to make the best out of every situation.

I will soon update my Photography ReminiSense page above and add pictures, prices, and deals!!


Well I better scoot my loves!



Devin! <3


Be Blessed!!

Hoar Frost…

Adjusting back to Minnesota life…

I am so amazed with how different the world is. In one place the land can be frozen in time it almost feels. The trees are kissed by hoar frost and the ground is blanketed by white snow. Everything white. And yet in other areas on the planet it is completely different. I could wish and wish that I were some where else… but I have to make do with the TIME that God has put me here for.

It is crazy how cold it is here… yesterday I got my books for school and went outside, I have 4 layers on plus my winter jacket and a scarf. Anyone from Minnesota and North Dakota would know what I am talking about… but others may not believe how you have to keep layered to stay warm. So, besides books I also got some really comfy warm brown boots… Will look great over my skinny jeans! :)

I have the lightest brown ones. Very comfy and warm! I spoke to my academic advisor and he told me that he had been teaching in Denmark when he met his wife who is actually British and his daughter is living in Paris where she lives with her french boyfriend. It’s just crazy how there are so many different stories of people who met in other countries.

But yes, so it was pretty tough readjusting…to tell you the truth. I really miss a certain someone and it’s really hard when you want to see them but you can’t. Then you see couples right in front of you who are fighting about things and you just ask yourself man… dude or lady… why fight about something so stupid… people take people for granted WAY TOOOO MUCH! I mean… seriously!

I am going to start reading in Ephesians today. I need to hear some inspiring and God-Full words… will get me pumped and ready for this year.

I also am going to set out on an adventure. Just because I am where I am…where I was born…again… it doesn’t mean that I can’t find new things or experience new adventures… I am craving an adventure and yet feel that I can’t find one. But I also feel like I did when I was younger… wanting to escape to the beautiful land of Narnia and I couldn’t because… well, we all learned this one the hard way – Narnia doesn’t exist… you can’t go through the back of your closet to a wonderful new world.

So besides school which will consist of a lot of reading… I will look for small blessings. (Even though snow is cold it is beautiful when it falls to the ground.)Something magical about it.

I want to make a list of goals and dreams for the new year:

1. I want to get in shape=will start working out on January 18th at the school gym (We have no school on the 17th, because of it being Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

2. I want to finish my Australia project book= will work on writing/designing the book at least for a couple hours every day.

3. I need to find a way to make some money=I won’t have any time to get a job because of my credit load this semester (as I want to graduate this semester.) So, I am going to be looking for some opportunities that I could make some money! Baby-sitting, photography, book readings… hmm… what else? any Ideas… let me know… I am going to open my Etsy account and try sell some stuff on there too.(being creative and writing usually helps me do stuff.) :)

So, tell me… what are some things that you could do – to make yourself a better person in the year 2011?

Much Love Always,

Dezza <3