Hoar Frost…

Adjusting back to Minnesota life…

I am so amazed with how different the world is. In one place the land can be frozen in time it almost feels. The trees are kissed by hoar frost and the ground is blanketed by white snow. Everything white. And yet in other areas on the planet it is completely different. I could wish and wish that I were some where else… but I have to make do with the TIME that God has put me here for.

It is crazy how cold it is here… yesterday I got my books for school and went outside, I have 4 layers on plus my winter jacket and a scarf. Anyone from Minnesota and North Dakota would know what I am talking about… but others may not believe how you have to keep layered to stay warm. So, besides books I also got some really comfy warm brown boots… Will look great over my skinny jeans! :)

I have the lightest brown ones. Very comfy and warm! I spoke to my academic advisor and he told me that he had been teaching in Denmark when he met his wife who is actually British and his daughter is living in Paris where she lives with her french boyfriend. It’s just crazy how there are so many different stories of people who met in other countries.

But yes, so it was pretty tough readjusting…to tell you the truth. I really miss a certain someone and it’s really hard when you want to see them but you can’t. Then you see couples right in front of you who are fighting about things and you just ask yourself man… dude or lady… why fight about something so stupid… people take people for granted WAY TOOOO MUCH! I mean… seriously!

I am going to start reading in Ephesians today. I need to hear some inspiring and God-Full words… will get me pumped and ready for this year.

I also am going to set out on an adventure. Just because I am where I am…where I was born…again… it doesn’t mean that I can’t find new things or experience new adventures… I am craving an adventure and yet feel that I can’t find one. But I also feel like I did when I was younger… wanting to escape to the beautiful land of Narnia and I couldn’t because… well, we all learned this one the hard way – Narnia doesn’t exist… you can’t go through the back of your closet to a wonderful new world.

So besides school which will consist of a lot of reading… I will look for small blessings. (Even though snow is cold it is beautiful when it falls to the ground.)Something magical about it.

I want to make a list of goals and dreams for the new year:

1. I want to get in shape=will start working out on January 18th at the school gym (We have no school on the 17th, because of it being Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

2. I want to finish my Australia project book= will work on writing/designing the book at least for a couple hours every day.

3. I need to find a way to make some money=I won’t have any time to get a job because of my credit load this semester (as I want to graduate this semester.) So, I am going to be looking for some opportunities that I could make some money! Baby-sitting, photography, book readings… hmm… what else? any Ideas… let me know… I am going to open my Etsy account and try sell some stuff on there too.(being creative and writing usually helps me do stuff.) :)

So, tell me… what are some things that you could do – to make yourself a better person in the year 2011?

Much Love Always,

Dezza <3


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