Keeping busy

So, I have been keeping myself busy with being creative. One wonderful thing is that God is a creative God and all good and perfect gifts come from him… That being gifts that he gives us…blessings (like people in our lives) and also our talents. One thing I have just told myself, is that I need to create…at least something… because if I didn’t I think I would go crazy… I know I have before when I let my creativity go so long ago. And that, my friends… is where Satan (and his tactics – stealing joy, depression, oppression, fear, worry, hate, jealousy…all work to bring you down to destroy you… because he only did come to steal, kill, and destroy.) So, when he has stolen your joy and creativity… you get bogged down and can’t see the blessings through everything around you. And amongst everything there are blessings.

So, I have been taking a lot of photographs… trying to build my portfolio. I am pretty much completely booked for next weeks time plots for pictures!! I am sooo happy about this too… first of all to get some thrilling awesome pics for my portfolio and then secondly to make some money. As you all know, I really loved Australia… and I am planning on going back because I really miss my boyfriend. So there are many reasons I am occupying my mind… I don’t want to be a piddily puddily mess… and having my family wanting to send me away FAST like… lol… so I need to make the best out of every situation.

I will soon update my Photography ReminiSense page above and add pictures, prices, and deals!!


Well I better scoot my loves!



Devin! <3


Be Blessed!!

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