Done with school…

Hello everyone,

So I have been busy with so much lately… it’s like i am balancing many plates on my fingers and feet and head. I have so many classes it’s crazy and so much reading (and it’s stuff written by writers who were WAY BACK when.)

Other than school, I have been busy photographing people. It’s been a lot of fun. Something I have found that I can do to get my mind off of other things.

I am currently trying to brainstorm a book Idea… will start a group on facebook for it when I find a name for the book. It will be on relationships… and it will have a lot with Long Distance Relationships but also some about just normal stuff people should know about relationships. :)

It is currently 20 days till I see my love!! I reallly miss him!!

Will write again soon!


Devin <3

Inspiration from

Hello Everyone, I just thought that I would tell you all about this awesome website for Photographers who want to be the best that they can be.
Check it out!! :D

I learned that you need to draw inspiration from the things that mean the most to you (in Mitch Meyer’s Case – it was his little daughter.) The pictures of her were just beautiful!I loved his Conceptual photography style… almost fairy tale like. :) Loved it… He totally inspired me to chase after being a better photographer!!!

Random-ness on the 4th of February!

Hello Everyone!

I am currently sitting at home near the fireplace thinking. Yes, thinking… makes me think of Pooh Bear and his thinking spot. :) That is one thing I have learned a lot about myself – I think a lot!

School is up and running and I can’t believe that we are in our 4th week (well, end of 4th week!) already. Essay’s and Exams are about upon me! I am reading a lot for the classes that I am taking, as I am taking 3 Literature classes and 2 boring core classes that I need to graduate. I graduate in May on the 13th! I am sooo excited to be done! In March, I will be going back to Australia (the dates being March 9th-20th) and I really can’t wait. I just wish that I could hug my boyfriend when i wanted to. Those days after school where you feel like you just could use a hug or a simple smile. It’s tougher said than done – I would say.

I am thinking about starting a book on long distance relationships as over the past month I have met many people here in the States that have been in successful long distance relationships. So, those people are always a blessing to meet. And then of course you have your stingy negative people who say¬† “But your so far away from each other.” and really that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we know we are for each other. I always found that interesting.

It feels sooo LOVELY to write. I haven’t written in awhile.