Random-ness on the 4th of February!

Hello Everyone!

I am currently sitting at home near the fireplace thinking. Yes, thinking… makes me think of Pooh Bear and his thinking spot. :) That is one thing I have learned a lot about myself – I think a lot!

School is up and running and I can’t believe that we are in our 4th week (well, end of 4th week!) already. Essay’s and Exams are about upon me! I am reading a lot for the classes that I am taking, as I am taking 3 Literature classes and 2 boring core classes that I need to graduate. I graduate in May on the 13th! I am sooo excited to be done! In March, I will be going back to Australia (the dates being March 9th-20th) and I really can’t wait. I just wish that I could hug my boyfriend when i wanted to. Those days after school where you feel like you just could use a hug or a simple smile. It’s tougher said than done – I would say.

I am thinking about starting a book on long distance relationships as over the past month I have met many people here in the States that have been in successful long distance relationships. So, those people are always a blessing to meet. And then of course you have your stingy negative people who say  “But your so far away from each other.” and really that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we know we are for each other. I always found that interesting.

It feels sooo LOVELY to write. I haven’t written in awhile.

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