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Hello Everyone,

About 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I got back from a trip around the States. We went through 12 States from Minnesota to California. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget from the Badlands in North Dakota to the rolling hills of South Dakota, to the Grand Canyon and Vegas. We also saw the Dessert and the Coastal Line in California to the Rocky Mountains in Montana. Those are only to mention a few of the places we went and what we did.
All I can say is that I miss him completely, even more now than before. It’s tough because I just want to be in his arms instead of reaching across the ocean… although there is nothing I can do at the moment other than skype, skype, skype!! I am planning on going back to Australia in October, but all I need to do right now is find a job and an apartment. I am trusting that the right one will accept my resume.

Other than missing someone and coming off the high of an amazing trip with him, I have been busy trying to compile my professional portfolio of photography and writing. While, also promoting my company’s book New Branch of the Journey in the F-M Community. It is now located at 3 book-stores. Two of which, are in Fargo: The Rainbow Shop on 13th Ave., and Zambroz on Broadway, Downtown Fargo. The third is Book World in Detroit Lakes.
I am getting ready for a Reading that will be held on August 18th at the Teaberry, Downtown Fargo where the Authors will gather to read excerpts from the book and also read excerpts from their own work.

On the topic of writing, I will be going to a writer’s conference in late August called “The Ragged Edge” with Ted Dekker and other Authors, which I am looking forward to because my sister and I will be taking a trip there, in Tennessee!