Iowa to Missouri to Illinois

Hello Everyone,

Sitting in a cabin while writing this, I am being seronaded by crickets and frogs. It has been a very long day today. We drove about 9 hours. It was an interesting drive, but very long. After Cassidy drove,  I drove, drove, and drove some more. I am so happy we made it to our stop over tonight. Some people might find it funny & crazy, but I have never driven through a giant city with a lot of traffic, let’s just say I am no longer able to say that I have never driven through a huge city (BECAUSE… **Drum roll**) Tonight I drove through St. Louis and we saw the Arch, all lit up at night!

We stopped over in Hannibal, Missouri and saw Mark Twain’s original boyhood house and some of the different things that inspired him as a writer! :) He was a good writer. Then we went to fill up with gas there and found a shady gas station – let’s just say the people were Inter-esting and rather scary. You kind of felt like there was going to be a drug deal or even a gang war – I am not kiddin’ unfortunately.

Now, I am thinking about the inside’s of my eyelids. :P Sleepy after all that driving…today. I will upload some more pictures and such tomorrow sometime.

P.S. Found out that I made the front page of my home newspaper for the “New Branch of the Journey” and also was called for my first radio interview. It was exciting, although – I mustn’t lie… I was NERVOUS! lol…

Speaking of “New Branch of the Journey” We are still holding a Sweepstakes. Check the last post [Iowa] to see how you can win a copy of the book.

It was so beautiful! Tomorrow we are driving for only 3 hours into Tennessee where we need to be for my conference.

I will write again soon!




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