Left Illinois, Kentucky, and made it to Franklin Tennessee.

Hello good people,

We made it to the hotel in Franklin, Tennessee! I am so excited about the conference tomorrow although I am nervous, because the first thing I saw when I walked into the groovy-modern hotel was a bunch of professional looking people with computer bags and brief cases. It will be a great experience to be in a place with a bunch of people who love writing and telling stories!
It was a great and interesting experience driving here to Nashville and also when I was driving through St. Louis the other day, because I haven’t done much BIG city driving, but I would have to say it is a great accomplishment and it’s a wonderful feeling to know you can do it! Although, I can say that I am very excited that I wont have to drive much overly in the next two days.

My sister and I stopped at the Grand Ole Opry Theatre today and also the Opryland Hotel. It was pretty and also so warm out today! I have never been to Tennessee before, but it is definitely a beautiful State. It is green, hilly, and full of forests. Franklin has a lot of history connected to it.

Hope you enjoy these pictures! I promise I will load more as the days go by! :P

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Literary & Arts book

2.) Book Reading will be happening at the Teaberry in Fargo, North Dakota on the 18th of August at 7-8:30 pm
3.) If you are looking for “New Branch of the Journey” in bookstores… it is available at Book World (Detroit Lakes), The Rainbow Shop (13th Ave. Fargo), and Zambroz (Broadway, Fargo). Check them out!
4.) And if you are not able to get to the store you may also write on my blog or facebook page that you are interested in a copy! It is available for $25.

I have the conference tomorrow! I am so excited!!!! Can’t wait to see what Ted Dekker, Tosca Lee and the other authors have in store for us!!! (Wow.. I have been using a lot of exclamation points… shows I am excited!)

P.S. I love seeing other people who love to write, tonight there was a young boy sitting outside near a window and he was writing in a notebook! It’s awesome! If you write, WRITE!!!

Question for you all who are reading this: Do you like to write? What do you like to write?

Happy Reading & Writing,

Devin <3

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