The Ragged Edge, Part One [August 12, 2011] – Writer’s are a strange breed

My Role Model for writing. :) Hello Everyone,
I didn’t write last night, because I was so sleepy. I felt like a steam roller had rolled over my brain. I got sooooo much information that my brain almost exploded. :P There were 5 authors there including Ted Dekker. The others were Eric Wilson (Fireproof), Robert Lipuralo (13th Tribe), Tosca Lee (Demon), and Steven James (The Pawn). They were amazing. It’s really hard to explain to you how amazing it was.
     “You are a BLUE monkey in a brown monkey’s world.” – Ted Dekker.

One thing that I really took away from the first day of the conference was that I am not alone. Devin Lillian Berglund is not alone, in this world. “Writer’s are a strange breed.” Ted Dekker. I am very happy to know I wasn’t just this strange, weird person that wrote things and thought about the world in a weird and different way than others. Ted spoke about how writers and artists feel things different than other people. We see the world and feel it with our senses about 10 times stronger than others, and that leaves us being more open to deep and dark feelings. Each of the authors spoke of a dark past: either of rejection, lack of love, suicidal thoughts, or depression. No wonder a lot of writer’s in the past have committed suicide. (It’s really sad to say this, by the way!) Because God has given us (artists and writers) that sensitivity. It is part of our gift and something that we can give to the world.
Some of the things that they spoke about hit deep because I to have had a darker past… just like everyone has probably experienced at one time or another, which are depression and suicidal thoughts. I am majorly touched when I even watch the news and people die or are killed. It’s really sad.
Why I bring up the deep, scary thoughts from my past is because we were all brought back to the times that we experienced pain, fear, or joy. Tosca had us revisit those times, and at moments I felt like I was in a psychologist’s office bearing my soul to the page. Tosca said that if we can make people feel that way in our writing… that we will succeed in what we write.
So, tomorrow my sister and I leave from Franklin, TN. Wish we could stay longer. :) I will continue writing about my thoughts about the Ragged Edge conference, as I have been moved and am going to write, write, write until my book is done. It will be done, in two months. If I set a deadline… I know that I can do it!
My sister and I are going to explore Franklin and find something to eat. I will write again very soon! Promise!!
Check out my sweepstakes. :) Follow me. :) I will be having some new things coming up on my blog, like featuring other writers, reviews, and excerpts.

Speak soon!!


Watch this youtube video! It is totally a nice video that matches this blog post.

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