Making a difference – Shining.

I really want to make a difference with what I write. I am looking through all my notes from “The Ragged Edge” conference and am completely inspired. God has a plan in everything that we experience, and go through in life. Something that Eric Wilson had said when he spoke at the conference was that there was a time he was angry with God and his wife asked what he would like for father’s day and he said he’d want the inspirational poster that says, “God is the Author of life” and later that day he broke down crying, because he had realized as an author that the Character’s are at the mercy of the writer. And in this sense, God designed and shaped each person as they are, so they can’t just turn from God and spit in his eyes.

I am in the process of writing a book, I am rewriting my chapter one, I need more of a “BOOM” to start out with. Please keep me in your prayers, as it does help and I need all the inspiration and dreams/images from God.

Keep Checking Back, I should have some information on tomorrow about what I did the second day at “The Ragged Edge”.

Today my sister and I went through St. Louis, it was an absolutely exciting day.

Well I best be going to bed as it is pretty late here.

-Devin Berglund

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