The Ragged Edge Lifestyle!

Hello Readers,
Today was a good day, busy. I just kept my mind extremely busy with writing, for one, because I have a book reading tomorrow in Fargo at the Teaberry! I am extremely excited about it and yet a tad bit nervous, as I have never read my writing in public, except to my family. It will be a great adventure. I get to enjoy it with 3 other writer’s who also wrote in the “New Branch of the Journey.”

I am still typing up notes slowly and also reviewing things that the authors spoke about at the conference! Today I wrote a total of 3,050 words on my novel. I am so excited with where it is going, but it will be interesting where these characters take me. I just thought I would post before going to bed, and that I would write again tomorroow after finishing the excerpt that I will read at the READING.

Other than the writing side of my life: My sister leaves in a week for Vegas, she is going to study Dance and Choreography there. She will do amazing; I know that for a fact, but I will miss her! Then my boyfriend has been busy with his architecture assignments lately, so I have been lifting him up in prayer, as I really miss him. It’s really hard to tell you how much you grow to love a person day after day of not being in the same town, State, Country, or Continent. I just REALLY MISS HIM!!

Well I am going to go to bed, I think I will read some of Robert Liparulo’s (one of the authors who spoke at the Ragged Edge.) book 13th Tribe.

I just realized it, I guess my life is on the Ragged Edge.

Love, Devin

Have a lovely night or morning wherever you are in the world! :D

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