Lists – Life – Love –

For the last week I have had company here in Minnesota. A lovely lady who was my roommate in Australia; Abbey. We have been busy running around and about. I haven’t been able to write as much as I would have liked to. We went to church in Fargo last night and then we went to Detroit Lakes today, laying in the sun.

I somewhat feel like I’ve been hit by a hurricane, Irene hit me – not the east coast. Well, you know what I mean. It’s the feeling that you are worn out and want to just relax and hang out with your love and listen to freeing music. One thing I have found out over the past few weeks is that I am definitely an intrevert. I always thought that I was an extravert, but even though I like to talk – I get overly tired and quickly when I have to hear so many people complaining, speaking negative, and other things as such.

To Do:
1. Read the first chapter of a friends book and edit it.
2. Start excersizing
3. Drink, drink, drink water.
4. Lift weights
5. Start finishing up chapter 3 and such of the “Created Ones”
6. Look for jobs
7. Apply for Visa
8. Think of story Ideas for the ARTSpulse
9. Clean room and organize desk

Things to keep your eyes out for:
1. Review the book, The 13th Tribe
2. Review the book, Stained Glass Heart
3. Write devotional for WOW – writing on the Word (devotional writers).

I am just so amazed with all the things that I must do.

Pray for me that I get enough words in this week. Love you all and stay in the King and he will protect you!

In Christ,

Devin ><>

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