Autumn has hit… So has inspiration… kick everything else out!

It is finally autumn. The leaves have all been changing for the past week, and will continue changing for the next week until all the leaves have fallen to the ground.

The red colours in the trees scream to me, they are just so gorgeous. I went to Itasca State Park yesterday with my Mom and we walked around, took in the beautiful sights all around us. I got so inspired and found myself lost in my story inside my head, as Rider, my main character goes walking through golden leaved trees on his adventure and i couldn’t stop thinking about him. It’s almost like I could feel him, he was there experiencing the forest with me. I just love my characters. At the moment I have a troublesome character, who I love heaps, but he is such a slow learner (Don’t tell him I said that). It’s going to take a bit of patience to get him all leveled out! haha…

I was so inspired by the yellow and lime green leaves. How bright and cheerful it was in those woods. I have just realized how much my atmosphere affects my writing. The wilderness around me, the people I hang out with, and what I think about – all of it affects me.

Gorgeous!! :) I put a blanket down on the ground by Lake Itasca, Minnesota and sat down to write. I have a deadline to meet with my story “The Created Ones” I have 8 days to finish my novel. I will be done with it on October 8th (A Saturday!) So, when I finish it I will need to celebrate. PARTY! Probably just hang out with the family and then skype my boyfriend! :)

Tomorrow, I will be visiting Itasca again. To soak in more of the beauty from fall. Soak in all the inspiration around you and drop everything else out.  Pick the flowers, not the thorns. If something stresses you out – don’t do it, if a person brings you down – don’t hang out with them. Seek the light!! Rider will find that out soon too! :)

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Devin +

quietness… a stillness…

I am sitting in a quiet hallway at a hotel in Minneapolis. It’s really nice to not have a single person near you. You know that feeling of being completely alone. That you are the only human in that area. I need a retreat, to get away to a place where nature sings to my soul. Yes, I feel that lately, I have been worn out. Probably from everything that has happened in the past 2-3 weeks. I have a deadline to make with my story “The Created Ones” I need to get the first draft completed by October 1rst. Well, it would be nice to have it done by then so I can start my editing round and then start on a new adventure. Today on the way home I will try to attack a 2,000 word quota. To get enough down today, I have figured out that if I write at least 2,000 the next few weeks then I will have 14,000 words. (That would add some serious wordage to my story.) Which, is much needed. :)

Keep me in your prayers,

Devin +

Thanks Muchly!

Thoughts on what I need to do before Aussie in January.

I have just decided I need to do some things before I go to Australia in January.

  1. Meet my word goal for October. My goal was to finish my novel’s first draft by October 1.
  2. Spending time with my Lord (Reading his word and listening to his voice.)
  3. I also need to go through all my things in my room and label 3 boxes “Keep” “Get Rid Of” and “Save”
  4. I need to start working out every day
  5. Eating less
  6. Get ready for Aussie (Visa? Apartment in Brissie? Job on Seek?)
  7. Learn some Afrikaans
    -Make some flash cards.
  8. Write Write Write. Finish the Book.

The past few weeks have been stressful and crazy! Continue to pray for me and lift the Lord’s name up higher and higher. Keep praying for my family, my boyfriend and I. I will open up a wall for a prayer warrior wall… so people can comment. :)

Well I better go to bed, I am excited to talk to my boyfriend tomorrow. :)

Love you all!!


Devin <3

On the road again

On our way to the cities again. I printed off two chapters and two outlines for two other chapters to edit for the long ride and brought Tosca Lees book Demon, to hopefully start and finish! I am a slow reader! It’s raining intensely in Minnesota today. Perfect weather to curl up in a cozy blanket sipping hot coca by the fireplace, while writing. But i, instead am sitting in the mini cooper with a red cardigan. Guess i can’t complain! :) also wanted to say thank you all for praying for me and my Love! Everything is fine now! God is sooo good!!

Completely and Utterly at a loss for words…

I know that it might sound weird to say that I have run out of words; I mean come on this is Devin we are talking about. I always have words. But at the moment, I can’t do anything. I can’t write (which is hard to say), I feel confused leading to a hurt and numb feeling. I feel lost, and alone, and goodness gracious I can’t even eat (and I love food). This world seems so much bigger than it did a week a go. I will write more later. But please pray for me.
I have been praying so much lately and God has been speaking to me, but I don’t want to lose this blessing that he gave me. I need all the prayers you can send and shower me with and if you know any prayer warriors, have them pray for me and my boyfriend. Would mean the world to me.

Thank You!

Only In Christ Alone & Always,

Devin +

He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not… He Loves Me… rendition of FAITH.

Leave the petals intact. Cherish the blessing.

When you were little, did you ever pull petal’s off of daisies, while saying, “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not…” (or “she loves me… she loves me not…” if you are a boy reading this!) it isn’t much different for people today with their lives when they are given blessings.

Today I went to a garden with my mom, we took pictures of the last flowers of the season. Because it’s supposed to freeze tonight. I saw a bench in the sun and went to lie down on it. God spoke to me. It went a little like this!

God: Devin do you remember when you were younger and all the little girls and you would pick petals off of flowers while saying, “He Loves me… He loves me not… he loves me…”

Me: Yes, I do…

God: When you had plucked all the petals off, what were you left with?

Me: Nothing! (I opened my eyes in utter astonishment, while looking into the blue sky full of fluffy clouds.)

God: Exactly, Devin. I want you to see it this way. The flower is your blessing, it is something I have given you to make your life richer and more fullfilled, because of Grace. You need to trust me with it and that I will not let it fall apart. Because in my power alone,  it will stay together.  Instead of asking, “What if…” or “why?” or “Are you sure, God?” Because every time you doubt me or fear something that I have total control over, you are picking a petal off of that flower and tossing it to the ground. Totally unaware that if you keep fearing and doubting that all the petals of faith (happiness, joy, contentment) will tumble to the ground, leaving you with just the stem (no joy, happiness and more). Which will make you feel empty. Don’t pluck the petals, my Love. I love you and that is why I chose to bless you with this gift. Don’t give up, waste it, or worry about it. I have it all in my hands. Breath in PEACE.

Devin: (That left me silent and amazed. While, I thought back to my little 5-year-old self sitting on the merry-go-round at school with a flower I had found, as I picked each petal off the stem and let it fall to the ground.

THOUGHTS: Isn’t it amazing how from a young age we are taught to question faith? Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, Disney Tales. We question if something will happen or if we will just lose everything we have. We fear that the worst will happen? And when we fear we are just throwing that faith and trust in God to the ground, which then part of our blessing goes unnoticed. Here we were so consumed by the things that we were concerned with and we totally miss the beauty of our blessing, in front of our eyes.

So how do you go about trusting God? and giving him your petals in trust?

Keep the petals together,

Devin <3

Love you all! :)

Review: Stained Glass Hearts – Patsy Clairmont

I recently read the “Stained Glass Hearts” by Patsy Clairmont, and gave it a four star rating out of five. You can see it on Amazon. Check the book out!

Patsy Clairmont’s book Stained Glass Hearts was a delight to read. When reading this book I was reminded of Mrs. Winchester, who was a woman who’s husband invented the Winchester Rifle, and she was told by a psychic that if she continued to build onto her house that it would confuse the spirits and keep her safe. It made me think of her because, she had so many fears in her life and inside her house there was a beautiful stain glass window. Any person would think that it would be placed on the sunny side of the house, so all the light could filter through those pretty pieces of glass to show it’s colourful beauty even more. But, what did she do? Placed it against a brick wall. Her own fears were keeping her from seeing any other perspective, but her own “twisted” (or sinful) view.

Stained Glass Hearts is about seeing life through different perspectives. Patsy’s quirky humour and entertaining life story bits, made this book an absolute gem to read. The truths inside this book reflect the lessons we, as people should know about ourselves and the world around that we live in.

Every morning when I opened Stained Glass Hearts for my Bible study, there were two things that I looked forward to. One being the questions that she asked, they caused me to ponder my life and what I have done in the past and why. Also how I can change my attitude. The other part I couldn’t wait to look at was the interactive part at the end of each chapter, called the Art Gallery. There was artwork to look up on the internet, books or poems to read, and songs to listen to. All of the art had something to do with each chapter. All of the questions made me pause to look at my life in a deeper way. It begged me to a deeper relationship with the one who made me, me. I know that these questions can also do the same for you. It will make you want to dig to find the answers. Are you daring to look at life through the stained glass window? Or are you going to miss out and put the stained glass window over a brick wall? Choose the first!! Read Stained Glass Hearts! It’s totally worth it!

I received this book for free from BookSneeze in exchange for my review, since I am part of their blogger review program.