a hedge of protection

I have found, I need to be pulling into Jesus’ word so much more. Lately I have felt like a spiritual battle is going on around me and one that is trying to affect my mind and well-being. My life has been crazily affected by everything happening. I have been writing about issues that, I know the whole world deals with. (excepting who God made us and resting in God’s peace with who he has made us.)

Here is a clipping from my story:

“The flames pillar high above him and a man with a beard appears in the flames. As there is always a natural world, there is always something happening in the supernatural world where things are unseen. A huge invisible dome rises above Rider and the Fire. Rider’s mind starts getting muddy and confused when he heard a deep, strong voice call out of the flames.
“I have heard your cries.” –clip from my story, The Created Ones

So, my character’s are experiencing somethings that I am, as well.  I am happy that the Lord has heard our cries. I am happy He has heard mine! Ask Him to cover you in a Loving hedge of His protection.

Keep me in your prayers!


Devin <3

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