80 likes on my writing facebook page = Excerpt from “The Created Ones” AS PROMISED, here it is!! :D

I said that when my writing facebook page reached 80 likes, I would post an excerpt from my book that I am writing. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. Also, just so you know, it still has a far way to go until it is completely done.


An Encounter in Forest de Veil

    Darkness enveloped the land slowly covering the thicket in a mask. The moon floated ominously, above the gnarly trees, in the the sky, it hadn’t moved one bit since he fell asleep. The crackling fire forced smoke to fill his senses. An all too familiar voice screamed for her life inside his mind, it was his mother. “Rider! Help us!” the flames engulfed his mother and all he could hear was her torture filled screaming. He jumped toward the flames to rescue her and felt the extreme burning on his skin. He couldn’t remember where he was. If he was in a burning house or if he was just dreaming. He jolted upward and a tantalizing friendly fire caught his eyes, instead of burning in the house, he was in the Forest de Veil. The flames from his campfire, sent glittering sparks into the cool night air. He watched the sparks float upward to the stunning stars that danced in the sky, although the sky’s brightest performer was the moon.
He sat up and wrapped his arms tightly around his knees. In all his life, he never imagined he would be here, alone. By himself. An orphan at 18. The owls hooting echoed through the forest’s depths. Their heads turning every which way, while their foreboding yellow eyes glowed, watching and waiting.  The wind blew freezing breath through the trees, shaking their leaves. The haunting giant bird’s questions of “Who? Who? Who?” spoke to Rider’s fears.

The spiny branches twisted in knots as far as he could see on either side of the gravel pathway, which ran lengthwise through the ghastly forest. The fog blanketed the ground of the thicket heavily. It was always shifting. Always moving and always changing. It never settled. As it loomed in wisps of fog-like ribbons through the clearing, a section of the road cleared, uncovering a glimmer of white gold. It flashed brightly a few yards in front of him and then it was quickly covered again. The bright shining object shone through the fog the closer he got to it, simultaneously, it got brighter and brighter. He kneeled down to pick up the mysterious object. It was a majestic sword inside of a sheath. He drew the sword.  A living force swept through him from the very moment he touched it. It was a force blowing power, peace, and strength into him. An unknown light hit the blade.
He was thrown aback when he glanced into the reflection staring back at him. It wasn’t him. It was a lanky, clumsy boy of about 16, with shaggy dark brown hair and piercing light blue eyes, that darted from side to side. “What? How is this possible?” He spoke aloud. He almost choked, while raising his eyebrows. It wasn’t his voice coming from the boy’s quivering lips. He glanced all around him and then back to the sword, it was still this stranger looking back at him.
A voice spoke from far beyond the fog, it was his father, “Son, you must find this boy. He needs help only you can give, and you will find where you must be next.” The sword glimmered brightly as the boy’s face vanished. He blinked his eyes quickly. The eye’s had changed from an icy blue ocean of fear into a dark obsidian rock in a deep, dead volcano full of the loss and loneliness.  Am I seeing correctly? he gasped, as he realized it was his own reflection. Is this for real?
A bush on the other side of the road shook fiercely as a dark shadow leapt out of it. The black massive beast sauntered toward him. He couldn’t make out what kind of creature it was, but one thing he was certain of was that it had bright glowing green eyes, that stared at him like he was the beast’s next meal. It crouched lower to the ground, snarling; ready to pounce.


I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. Continue sharing my writing profile on facebook with your friends. When it reaches 100 likes, I will be holding a give-away. When the likes get to 120 I will share the next part of this story!

© Devin Berglund

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