Nothing… PERIOD… NOTHING… Can EVER separate us from the love of God.

I believe that the Lord is Good. There are many different things in our lives that we don’t understand. But, we must trust in Him, because he knows everything. In our whole life-time we will never know everything about God, life, or ourselves.

I feel God’s love for people so greatly. It probably isn’t normal when a person is telling you their life story and you bearly know them and you feel like saying, “Dearly loved, one!” and speaking to them in that sort of way. I know for a fact though, if I did that to everyone – haha… that would be a big no no. Just because I am, me… only Devin. Not God.

The book I am working on was started because of a deep yearning to show this love, God has a love so high, deep, and wide that he wants to share it with you. He doesn’t want you to live your life without knowing it. And from that love you get a huge amount of peace.

The character’s in “The Created Ones” Come from humanity. My characters are you and  they are me. We all must deal with that deceptive mirror of ourselves and our world, that the Thief wants us to believe about ourselves. We mustn’t, though. Instead we need to pick up our individuality and Godly uniqueness and the sword of life to rush the gates of hell, to spread the message of God’s love.

I am looking to introducing a few of my characters on my writing facebook wall and on here. What do you think? Do you think that would be interesting? I want to introduce these interesting people to you, maybe you will have something in common? :) I know I do!

P.S. If you could please keep me in your prayers, as I have had an overabundance of ideas and spiritual stuff entering my mind. I wrote close to 2,000 words today. It was crazySeems as though there are so many stories that Jesus wants me to write. I must finish “The Created Ones” I MUST, I MUST, I MUST!!! I will finish! My current goal is to be done with the whole story in October. I am also planning on going back to Australia in November, I am totally excited about that as I miss my Love!

Much Love in Christ,

Devin Berglund

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