Review: Stained Glass Hearts – Patsy Clairmont

I recently read the “Stained Glass Hearts” by Patsy Clairmont, and gave it a four star rating out of five. You can see it on Amazon. Check the book out!

Patsy Clairmont’s book Stained Glass Hearts was a delight to read. When reading this book I was reminded of Mrs. Winchester, who was a woman who’s husband invented the Winchester Rifle, and she was told by a psychic that if she continued to build onto her house that it would confuse the spirits and keep her safe. It made me think of her because, she had so many fears in her life and inside her house there was a beautiful stain glass window. Any person would think that it would be placed on the sunny side of the house, so all the light could filter through those pretty pieces of glass to show it’s colourful beauty even more. But, what did she do? Placed it against a brick wall. Her own fears were keeping her from seeing any other perspective, but her own “twisted” (or sinful) view.

Stained Glass Hearts is about seeing life through different perspectives. Patsy’s quirky humour and entertaining life story bits, made this book an absolute gem to read. The truths inside this book reflect the lessons we, as people should know about ourselves and the world around that we live in.

Every morning when I opened Stained Glass Hearts for my Bible study, there were two things that I looked forward to. One being the questions that she asked, they caused me to ponder my life and what I have done in the past and why. Also how I can change my attitude. The other part I couldn’t wait to look at was the interactive part at the end of each chapter, called the Art Gallery. There was artwork to look up on the internet, books or poems to read, and songs to listen to. All of the art had something to do with each chapter. All of the questions made me pause to look at my life in a deeper way. It begged me to a deeper relationship with the one who made me, me. I know that these questions can also do the same for you. It will make you want to dig to find the answers. Are you daring to look at life through the stained glass window? Or are you going to miss out and put the stained glass window over a brick wall? Choose the first!! Read Stained Glass Hearts! It’s totally worth it!

I received this book for free from BookSneeze in exchange for my review, since I am part of their blogger review program.

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