He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not… He Loves Me… rendition of FAITH.

Leave the petals intact. Cherish the blessing.

When you were little, did you ever pull petal’s off of daisies, while saying, “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not…” (or “she loves me… she loves me not…” if you are a boy reading this!) it isn’t much different for people today with their lives when they are given blessings.

Today I went to a garden with my mom, we took pictures of the last flowers of the season. Because it’s supposed to freeze tonight. I saw a bench in the sun and went to lie down on it. God spoke to me. It went a little like this!

God: Devin do you remember when you were younger and all the little girls and you would pick petals off of flowers while saying, “He Loves me… He loves me not… he loves me…”

Me: Yes, I do…

God: When you had plucked all the petals off, what were you left with?

Me: Nothing! (I opened my eyes in utter astonishment, while looking into the blue sky full of fluffy clouds.)

God: Exactly, Devin. I want you to see it this way. The flower is your blessing, it is something I have given you to make your life richer and more fullfilled, because of Grace. You need to trust me with it and that I will not let it fall apart. Because in my power alone,  it will stay together.  Instead of asking, “What if…” or “why?” or “Are you sure, God?” Because every time you doubt me or fear something that I have total control over, you are picking a petal off of that flower and tossing it to the ground. Totally unaware that if you keep fearing and doubting that all the petals of faith (happiness, joy, contentment) will tumble to the ground, leaving you with just the stem (no joy, happiness and more). Which will make you feel empty. Don’t pluck the petals, my Love. I love you and that is why I chose to bless you with this gift. Don’t give up, waste it, or worry about it. I have it all in my hands. Breath in PEACE.

Devin: (That left me silent and amazed. While, I thought back to my little 5-year-old self sitting on the merry-go-round at school with a flower I had found, as I picked each petal off the stem and let it fall to the ground.

THOUGHTS: Isn’t it amazing how from a young age we are taught to question faith? Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, Disney Tales. We question if something will happen or if we will just lose everything we have. We fear that the worst will happen? And when we fear we are just throwing that faith and trust in God to the ground, which then part of our blessing goes unnoticed. Here we were so consumed by the things that we were concerned with and we totally miss the beauty of our blessing, in front of our eyes.

So how do you go about trusting God? and giving him your petals in trust?

Keep the petals together,

Devin <3

Love you all! :)

2 thoughts on “He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not… He Loves Me… rendition of FAITH.

  1. Someone once told me I had a deprived childhood, because I never believed in Santa. I thought that was odd. I had Jesus, I didn’t need Santa. I also didn’t need the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and a myriad of other fantasy creatures that parents tell their kids about. Looking back, I think they really did me a favor. I never had those childhood instances of loosing faith (or of finding out my parents lied to me). And I still have the faith I had as a child, the faith in Jesus Christ. I also still love Disney movies. Lol
    I feel bad for all the poor flowers who were picked and mutilated for the purpose of determining potential romance.

  2. I am that crazy mom who has been honest with her kids about Santa and the whole bunch. I didn’t want to lie to them. If I lie to them about Santa (who they can’t see) then I just might be lying about Father God (who is just as invisible). It also is patently annoying that a fat guy in a red suit gets credit for presents. I, and my husband, work hard to pay for presents and the kids need to know and understand that. We still make it magical, we just keep it grounded.

    I am also that crazy Christian who is just now, 23 years later, understanding and developing a real relationship with God. This post reminds me it isn’t about the petals, but placing my hand in the One who will make lots more flowers just for me.

    Thanks for writing this. Keep writing.

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