Completely and Utterly at a loss for words…

I know that it might sound weird to say that I have run out of words; I mean come on this is Devin we are talking about. I always have words. But at the moment, I can’t do anything. I can’t write (which is hard to say), I feel confused leading to a hurt and numb feeling. I feel lost, and alone, and goodness gracious I can’t even eat (and I love food). This world seems so much bigger than it did a week a go. I will write more later. But please pray for me.
I have been praying so much lately and God has been speaking to me, but I don’t want to lose this blessing that he gave me. I need all the prayers you can send and shower me with and if you know any prayer warriors, have them pray for me and my boyfriend. Would mean the world to me.

Thank You!

Only In Christ Alone & Always,

Devin +

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