quietness… a stillness…

I am sitting in a quiet hallway at a hotel in Minneapolis. It’s really nice to not have a single person near you. You know that feeling of being completely alone. That you are the only human in that area. I need a retreat, to get away to a place where nature sings to my soul. Yes, I feel that lately, I have been worn out. Probably from everything that has happened in the past 2-3 weeks. I have a deadline to make with my story “The Created Ones” I need to get the first draft completed by October 1rst. Well, it would be nice to have it done by then so I can start my editing round and then start on a new adventure. Today on the way home I will try to attack a 2,000 word quota. To get enough down today, I have figured out that if I write at least 2,000 the next few weeks then I will have 14,000 words. (That would add some serious wordage to my story.) Which, is much needed. :)

Keep me in your prayers,

Devin +

Thanks Muchly!

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