Thoughts on what I need to do before Aussie in January.

I have just decided I need to do some things before I go to Australia in January.

  1. Meet my word goal for October. My goal was to finish my novel’s first draft by October 1.
  2. Spending time with my Lord (Reading his word and listening to his voice.)
  3. I also need to go through all my things in my room and label 3 boxes “Keep” “Get Rid Of” and “Save”
  4. I need to start working out every day
  5. Eating less
  6. Get ready for Aussie (Visa? Apartment in Brissie? Job on Seek?)
  7. Learn some Afrikaans
    -Make some flash cards.
  8. Write Write Write. Finish the Book.

The past few weeks have been stressful and crazy! Continue to pray for me and lift the Lord’s name up higher and higher. Keep praying for my family, my boyfriend and I. I will open up a wall for a prayer warrior wall… so people can comment. :)

Well I better go to bed, I am excited to talk to my boyfriend tomorrow. :)

Love you all!!


Devin <3

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