Autumn has hit… So has inspiration… kick everything else out!

It is finally autumn. The leaves have all been changing for the past week, and will continue changing for the next week until all the leaves have fallen to the ground.

The red colours in the trees scream to me, they are just so gorgeous. I went to Itasca State Park yesterday with my Mom and we walked around, took in the beautiful sights all around us. I got so inspired and found myself lost in my story inside my head, as Rider, my main character goes walking through golden leaved trees on his adventure and i couldn’t stop thinking about him. It’s almost like I could feel him, he was there experiencing the forest with me. I just love my characters. At the moment I have a troublesome character, who I love heaps, but he is such a slow learner (Don’t tell him I said that). It’s going to take a bit of patience to get him all leveled out! haha…

I was so inspired by the yellow and lime green leaves. How bright and cheerful it was in those woods. I have just realized how much my atmosphere affects my writing. The wilderness around me, the people I hang out with, and what I think about – all of it affects me.

Gorgeous!! :) I put a blanket down on the ground by Lake Itasca, Minnesota and sat down to write. I have a deadline to meet with my story “The Created Ones” I have 8 days to finish my novel. I will be done with it on October 8th (A Saturday!) So, when I finish it I will need to celebrate. PARTY! Probably just hang out with the family and then skype my boyfriend! :)

Tomorrow, I will be visiting Itasca again. To soak in more of the beauty from fall. Soak in all the inspiration around you and drop everything else out.  Pick the flowers, not the thorns. If something stresses you out – don’t do it, if a person brings you down – don’t hang out with them. Seek the light!! Rider will find that out soon too! :)

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