I know, right? A unique name for a new blog entry! haha… I just thought I would be “plain and obvious” with this post, since it has been awhile since I last wrote. I have been so busy lately with writing my fictional novel that I haven’t had much time to blog or do anything else. Yesterday I wrote about 2,000 words. It blew me away, because I have to say that it was probably one of the spookiest chapters I have ever written. when I typed the last word I read back over it and was apauled with the scenery and the characters and what they did in their circumstances. I was amazed what I had written and when I sat back to think about it; really, I was thinking I could never come up with that kind of stuff. But that is when my spirit started screaming – It wasn’t me that came up with it! Thank God. I am sooo thankful i didn’t do it all on my own accord. Jesus wrote it, but I held the pen. He has an interesting story in store for you all. The world.

That is another thing I have been amazed with, is when I meet people who hear that I am a writer – they ask me how I get my ideas and what I am writing. I sat at the table in the cafe and tried to think of a reasonable answer to that question as the lady stared at me. Later that day I realised that it was God. I get a freeflow of inspiration and Ideas from him, in daily life, dreams, people I meet, and our world as it is today!

“These are the Creator’s heartaches for our generation, and those to come.” The man said with a straight face.“Heartaches?”

“Yes, the Creator yearns for their hearts, so he can shower them with his love and purpose for their lives.” – The Created Ones (The story I am working on right now.)

Food for thought?
What do you think are God’s Heartaches for our generation?

P.S. Check out the writing contest I have on the top tab. It will sure be a thriller and chiller. It ends at the end of October and the winner will be given a prize and also will have a day in the spotlight here on my blog! :)

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