Today it is a very blustery day in Minnesota. The wind is shaking through the trees, making the leaves dance and sing through the breeze to the cold ground. I can’t imagine how many weeks and we will have fresh white blankets of snow covering the land and coating the trees in ice. I am about to sit down and write some more for “The Created Ones”, it’s been a rather grueling story to write as these characters like to take a lot out of me. Because some of the characters hearts are full of darkness and deceit. They drive me insane, and yet I love them. They quarrel inside of my mind amongst themselves and together with the others. Sometimes I am afraid to let them into my mind for fear that they will take advantage of the story. But I guess it is their story! :)

Today I will be doing more character development and searching for stuff related to my characters stories and lives.

If you haven’t checked out the October Writing Contest that I am currently running – Please, do check it out! It is on the Tab up above that is labeled “Contests!” I will be giving a prize away at the end of October and will be featuring the winning writer on my blog! :) It’s worth it, besides what else could be so inspiring as a creepy picture a day? Let it inspire you! :)

I was in an art store the other day and I saw paper leaves for sale, I almost wanted to get them to write the things that I am thankful for in my life. But I decided that instead I would get some leaves from outside and that I would write the things I am thankful for on there and hang them in my room! Sounds cool, hey? I will post pictures!

To the dungeon of writing I go… I don’t want to… But I must!

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