The wind…

Hello Everyone,
I hope that your lives are full of blessings this week. I have been pretty busy here at home, I have been cleaning and writing. I am waiting to hear on my visa. I trust that God will make it go through perfectly with no problems! Today I went to Fargo with my mom and it was blustery, dreary, rainy, and chilly all day. It would have been one of those good days to stay home curled up in a blanket, while reading a good book with some hot cocoa! I just figured out today though – how the story, the created ones will sort of end! I am so excited! I know where to work towards, finally. Tomorrow will be a Wednesday full of work, work, work, writing! I just wanted to do an update.

I am also currently seeing so many broken people who are hurting and wanting Jesus’ warm arms to wrap around them. If you are one?  I am praying for you! Jesus has an amazing plan for your life and that is one that will not harm you but give you a hopeful and bright future. He sees you as far above rubies, and as his daughter or son, you are a conqueror in him. :)

He loves you so much and wants you to see that!

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