The curious case of not writing.

I know it might sound crazy, but at the moment I don’t feel like writing my story. My characters have been a bit distant, and I am not happy about that! Really and truly! It all started the day that it started getting chillier and colder here in Minnesota. That sure cannot be used as an excuse! I am sitting on the couch today watching thought provoking movies that stir my imagination and muse as I munch on popcorn. First it was “Meet Joe Black” and now it is “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, and yes they both have Brad Pitt in them. That actually has nothing to do with why I was watching these two movies in particular. They are really well thought out stories with intriguing characters. I mean who would have thought about Death taking a holiday and living as a human? Or a man who was born old and aged to be a baby age. It’s very intriguing.

Besides needing to write, I have been applying for jobs and updating my resume and portfolio. I have also been sending in inquirie to freelance magazines. I want to get a job in the editing and publishing world in Australia as I will be going to Australia again early January to work abroad for a year.

I miss my boyfriend, sooo much! I just wish that he could just hold me and tell me “I love you!” in person. Listening to music and laughing together with not a care in the world. I can see it clearly, in a nice apartment with candles burning and the music playing. I can see the twinkle in his eyes and the smirk on his lips that I love.

“I miss you.”

I have about 74 days left til I get to see him again, which if you think of everything that I probably need to get finished – you would think that I really don’t have that much time left and that I should be taking advantage of this time. I know that thought, but it doesn’t comfort when all you want is a hug or just to feel their presence. So, I need to start doing the things that I need to get done before I go there. Go through boxes in storage. Start working out (I want to actually look good on the beach… well, mainly, I just want to be in better shape, for me – in general.) I need to have a physical and I need to finish my book. HAHAHa… isn’t that funny I categorized my physical with writing.   Well, if it isn’t true that writing is a love hate relationship, but it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel like I exist and this story is living and breathing inside of me and I need to get it out, because as I live on day after day new ideas generally pop into my mind here and there.

But yes, so, He is constantly on my mind. Miss him, a lot!

Thank you for reading everyone,

Devin <3

2 thoughts on “The curious case of not writing.

  1. I am sure he misses you just as much :P
    He also has heaps of faith in you that you will make those characters spill all they have to say and write like a whirlwind.
    Love you XoxOx

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