Stresss… Our world of drama…

Lately I have felt like my life is a drama filled soap opera with a bunch of confusing characters in it who don’t get it. They keep quabbling around inside this glass dome. This dome has a door and is in plain sight, but they never leave the drama because it’s what they are used to. And here I am stuck watching it all- it drives me crazy, because they keep doing it in front of me and then tell me about all of the problems, but never change.

Stress is that feeling that rises the almost invisible hairs on the back of your neck. The feeling that all your muscles and tendons are pulling in opposite directions from one another. That your vertebrae is going to crack and that you could kill someone! It is the emotion that steals all other emotions except for fear. This may be why my writing has ceased for the past few weeks. I have felt like my characters, setting, and plot just halted.

But I found out today that those kind of things drive me to write, to discover, to bring light out of the darkness. I will post another blog entry tomorrow or the next day with my excerpt of “The Created Ones”

I have 36 days till I see my Johan! It’s been super hard not being able to skype with him or talk to him everyday! Can’t wait to skype with him.



Breaking Dawn-Guest Blogger “Emily Kunkel” will be featured soon-October Writing Contest Winners-The Created Ones

It’s been a while since I have written… uffda! Well, a lot has happened since my last blog entry! My writing facebook wall has ‘130’ followers!!! Yay!! So, to celebrate – I will post an excerpt tomorrow… what is it that you want to hear? I have also been writing away with my story “The Created Ones” although, I must catch up. At the rate i wrote last week… I will finish the first week of December. This story has been quite a journey, for sure. It’s been quite hectic. I love it and yet hate it at the same time… I guess that is a writer’s journey!

I got super inspired yesterday when I went to the Last Twilight movie. It was amazing!! I haven’t read the whole last Twilight book; i will have to! I only read a few chapters before I set it down. I know a lot of other writers who do not appreciate Stephanie Meyers and say that she is a poor writer – I really loved the books, but hated the character Bella. Then by the last book i hated how she kept making Edward and Jake sit on a teeter totter for her attention. So, I kinda did agree with her poor writing style at times. But, yet I still loved the last movie and did enjoy the books. It really inspired me and made me think about my story… I need it to be as riveting and real-life-like as I can make it! I hope that it comes across that way!!

Then I had a writing contest on my facebook and on my wall in October. It was a Nightmare writing contest! I have two winners and will be posting those soon, sometime after Thanksgiving! :) I will also have a guest blogger! She won one of the prizes! I can’t wait for you to meet her, her name is Emily Kunkel! :)

Other than the writing life- I have been trying to stay focused. My boyfriend is currently in South Africa visiting his brother and sister who still live there. I extremely miss my man!!! It’s crazy!! 41 days till I see him again! I guess the days are slowly decreasing. I feel like lately I have a countdown always occurring in my life. lol…

I will be posting my excerpt sometime today! :)

2 battles (Snow and my characters don’t want to talk!)

Yesterday, I wrote about 2,900 words. Made the goal. At the moment I can’t figure out what to write. I am stuck; so I think I will print off a copy of my manuscript and edit away with a coloured pen. There is something about actually holding it in your hands and seeing the colour leave the pen and onto the page. Today has been an interesting day other than having characters that don’t want to speak to you. I kill the witches and this is what the characters all do to me. Uffda! lol…
I don’t know if I will make my word goal today; but I will get something done. I will edit and then clean, clean, and clean some more. I so badly miss my Johan!! In a few days he will be headed to South Africa to visit family for Christmas. Long distance is definitely hard- I believe it definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. This week has been hectic on my mind as well, because a friend of my families has been going through issues where he doesn’t know what is wrong with his body. He has been having pains in his stomach and today was his last day at the Mayo Clinic, but he didn’t get any answers! I feel for him… It has to be really hard! Yesterday was full of tests as well, but they didn’t find anything either. All of you who read my blog it would be so great if you could keep our friend in your prayers! As we have a God who is all powerful and he is a MIGHTY HEALER!

Well I better get to editing!

Devin <3

3,000 words

Yes, today I feel like I conquered an entire army! I never thought in my lifetime that I would write about witches, but I proved myself wrong this week! I wrote about not only one but three. I really enjoyed it and I still have some things to add to the Witches chapter. This shall be interesting.

Tomorrow I will be posting who the winners are of my “October Nightmare” Writing Contest!!! I can’t wait to draw the light on these winners!!!!

Goal to Finish the Book in November

I was just thinking about some stuff! I will never be a writer if I don’t write. I need to get some major wordage written within the next few weeks, because at this moment in my life i  am the freest that I will be time-wise probably for a long time! So, I need to make a plan to finish my novel this month! That means a lot of organizing, stratigizing, and WRITING…I thought that if these people who do NANOWRIMO can finish one novel in a month. I can can finish my year long project in the rest of the month that I have.

So I need to figure out how many more words i need to write and to finish the book. SIMPLY PUT. I’ve written about 30,000 words and my total goal is 80,000 so that means I have 50 k words to type still… So, my goal for each day should be

Goal for the 13-19 November will be 20,000 words. (Words per day=2,900)
Goal for the 20-26 November will be 20,000 words. (Words per day=2,900)
Goal for the 27-30 November will be 10,000 words. (Words per day=1,500)

So I set my goal. Tomorrow I bleed… and scream onto that page… this story needs to be finished!!


– Thoughts – Vegas – Writing –

It has been awhile since I last posted. Everything has been a bit crazy lately. I got back from Vegas and it was really nice to see my sister. I missed her heaps. After being in Vegas for a week though; I am super happy that I went to Minnesota State University or Moorhead. I am happy that I went to a small laid-back school where people just took their time with things. I couldn’t imagine myself going to Vegas! Even when I was in Sippy Downs, Australia it was a small school like MSUM and it was the same kind of relaxed atmosphere. Instead of the blazing lights and never sleeping sin city that Vegas is. I love being in Vegas for a little while and loooove the shows! We went to two shows while we were there: “Viva Elvis” and “The Jersey Boys”… The “Viva Elvis” show was good, but to tell you the truth – I think that the Vegas Elvis is slightly over-rated. The cheesy big greased back hair that almost looks to heavy to carry on a person’s head and the shiney, flashy clothes that no one likes anyways. That is the kind of clothing and hair the dancers in this show had. I found myself watching the slide show with all the pictures. That was more interesting.
Then “The Jersey Boys” was FANTASTIC! I could have gone to the show every night to watch these fantastically AWESOME singers! It wasn’t hokey – It was unique!
Other than that, I took a break from writing “The Created Ones” which was a nice break, but as soon as I got home I found myself thinking about it and have been writing a new chapter for that book. I hope to finish this book before December. I need to get more written in a day! While in Vegas I got a story idea for another story that I will write in the future.

Other than all that, I have been at home finishing up stuff. I have 50 days till I am with Johan again. I just really miss him. In the next few weeks, I am going to try get farther on my story, go through boxes from my apartment. Get rid of some stuff and do a re-vamp of my room. I lived in Australia for 7 months with everything fitting into 2 big suitcases. If I can live that long out of 2 suitcases then I can live for longer with less.

Keep me in your prayers,