– Thoughts – Vegas – Writing –

It has been awhile since I last posted. Everything has been a bit crazy lately. I got back from Vegas and it was really nice to see my sister. I missed her heaps. After being in Vegas for a week though; I am super happy that I went to Minnesota State University or Moorhead. I am happy that I went to a small laid-back school where people just took their time with things. I couldn’t imagine myself going to Vegas! Even when I was in Sippy Downs, Australia it was a small school like MSUM and it was the same kind of relaxed atmosphere. Instead of the blazing lights and never sleeping sin city that Vegas is. I love being in Vegas for a little while and loooove the shows! We went to two shows while we were there: “Viva Elvis” and “The Jersey Boys”… The “Viva Elvis” show was good, but to tell you the truth – I think that the Vegas Elvis is slightly over-rated. The cheesy big greased back hair that almost looks to heavy to carry on a person’s head and the shiney, flashy clothes that no one likes anyways. That is the kind of clothing and hair the dancers in this show had. I found myself watching the slide show with all the pictures. That was more interesting.
Then “The Jersey Boys” was FANTASTIC! I could have gone to the show every night to watch these fantastically AWESOME singers! It wasn’t hokey – It was unique!
Other than that, I took a break from writing “The Created Ones” which was a nice break, but as soon as I got home I found myself thinking about it and have been writing a new chapter for that book. I hope to finish this book before December. I need to get more written in a day! While in Vegas I got a story idea for another story that I will write in the future.

Other than all that, I have been at home finishing up stuff. I have 50 days till I am with Johan again. I just really miss him. In the next few weeks, I am going to try get farther on my story, go through boxes from my apartment. Get rid of some stuff and do a re-vamp of my room. I lived in Australia for 7 months with everything fitting into 2 big suitcases. If I can live that long out of 2 suitcases then I can live for longer with less.

Keep me in your prayers,


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