Stresss… Our world of drama…

Lately I have felt like my life is a drama filled soap opera with a bunch of confusing characters in it who don’t get it. They keep quabbling around inside this glass dome. This dome has a door and is in plain sight, but they never leave the drama because it’s what they are used to. And here I am stuck watching it all- it drives me crazy, because they keep doing it in front of me and then tell me about all of the problems, but never change.

Stress is that feeling that rises the almost invisible hairs on the back of your neck. The feeling that all your muscles and tendons are pulling in opposite directions from one another. That your vertebrae is going to crack and that you could kill someone! It is the emotion that steals all other emotions except for fear. This may be why my writing has ceased for the past few weeks. I have felt like my characters, setting, and plot just halted.

But I found out today that those kind of things drive me to write, to discover, to bring light out of the darkness. I will post another blog entry tomorrow or the next day with my excerpt of “The Created Ones”

I have 36 days till I see my Johan! It’s been super hard not being able to skype with him or talk to him everyday! Can’t wait to skype with him.



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