A reflection into Zabrehl… and a glance into Planet Earth…

Devin asked me to do a post on her blog to help her understand me more. You may be asking, “Who is this that is writing this blog entry?” and, “Why would Devin say that she wants to better understand someone, isn’t that rude?”

All my answers to these questions are “My name is Star, yes, like the heavenly bodies in the sky. The ones that twinkle at night. hehee…” and the second questions answer “No, it’s not rude. You see I am on her mind a lot because I am a big part of a story that she is in the process of writing.” Partially, I just volunteered to write her blog post for her while she is busy crafting my story “The Created Ones” You know what? It isn’t just ‘my story’ anymore. It’s yours too. You are probably asking more questions, “Star, how is it possible for your story to be my story too?” Well, kind sir and missus… My story is the same as anyone else’s with this kind of matter. I am sitting in my room right now and to the left of me is my mirror… Oh, I strayed a tad from your question, but I promise it has to do with the answer to your question… When i look into it what do i see?

What do you see when you look in a mirror?

I want to remind you all of a well known fairy tale that everyone has heard of in a world like planet earth or in other world’s like Narnia, or Zabrehl (that is where I come from) This fairy tale… has a witch and a mirror. She would look in it always, while asking… “mirror, mirror, on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?”
Ever since the beginning people have been concerned about how they look or who they are. Either they really care and actually want to be the best or the prettiest. Or, you have people looking in the mirror, not sure that they see the right reflection staring back at them. For instance, I once had a friend who died from this… she looked in the mirror all the time and never could see herself beautiful enough, to a point where she stopped eating completely… which starved her ending in her death. She wasn’t seeing the truth in the mirror that she was looking into. She was seeing what the deceiver wanted her to see. In my world the man in the mirror… is a very bad man… he has taken many people’s lives… all for the sake of ‘power’ and in return so that he can kill, destroy, and lie to us… the king we serve in Zabrehl is the Creator… that is what we call him any ways… because he is a great artist. But when the man in the mirror takes peoples gifts and uniqueness he gives them opposite things like hate, hurt, low self esteem, depression, pain, evil intentions, fake dreams and ambitions. He likes to tell people lies about themselves when they look into that mirror of destruction. He loves telling them, “You are not beautiful. This is how you were made.” or “You are so fat” (when they are not) or “Do you really think that you were created this way? I know that God really just created you this way…”
When this happens those people live their lives thinking that way about themselves. They start feeding lies to themselves then and become fascinated in proving the reflection and the world wrong… when the person who needs to be proved to is really that person looking into the mirror. They need to instead glance into the pool of truth to see the reflection of the Creator, because he see’s us in a completely different way than other people and humans see us. He sees us, how he made us.

That is a little bit behind the scenes from my point of view… The Created Ones, is a story about loving the person you are. The skin you are in. The one person who God made completely original and unique.

Devin here again! I hope you enjoyed getting to know Star a little better! I want to discuss the theme. It isn’t for the faint of heart. This one is going to be earth shattering…. The theme: A story echoing the truth that God made us who we are for a reason, the person that we see in the mirror needs to be transformed into the person who God see’s in the mirror. You see a zit stricken teenager? God see’s a warrior of Christ with a killer smile who will make a difference in her classroom. You see a bald plumber? God see’s a hand of Christ who loves doing things to bring brightness to the kingdom. You see a guy who is struggling with thoughts that he was supposed to be born a girl? God see’s a man who is dealing with a sin like all others, but who will need to stand up to be the man who he created. To be the man who will stomp down on the sin and hurt in the past.If we all succumb to who we see in the mirror… what will that bring us to in the future? What happened to the witch in Snow White? Did she ever continue to stay the fairest of them all? Will that girl with anorexia, continue to live if she doesn’t eat? Will I ever lose weight, if I never exercise? Can a person change everything about who they are because they are more likely to falling in that area of sin?

What does God see when he looks at you? Read what it says in the Bible… you are perfect in Christ… you are a warrior, you are more than a conqueror.

-Devin & Star…

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