26,762 words left… outlined the end of “The Created Ones” Tonight!


I am super pumped about how much I got finished today, I almost didn’t think I would get as much done as I did. Half way through I got really stuck and didn’t really know what to write. I got a sense that I need to show the readers more what the Devil and evil spirits in the story want for my protagonists and other characters. My boyfriend told me  “Make sure the reader can see how desperate the characters are in need to be saved from themselves and that the characters know it as well.” I have a smart boyfriend! :) So, that is something I realized when writing about Sybil and Star. In a way Sybil is Star’s shadow… her fear… what she doesn’t like, but could turn out like if turned to the dark-side.

Word Count Goals up to Wednesday:
Monday -2,056
3 days of writing about 2,000 words equals 6, 243 words! YAY! Half way done on the goal of 12,000 words for this week!

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