Don’t do what everyone else is doing! :) Finish that book…

I read this awesome nugget of great information from Jeff Goins blog! It’s a wonderful writing blog, I thought I would post this and encourage you all to chase after your dreams. To finish that novel, and work on it during the Holidays, but of course spend that precious time with those you love and dedicate some time later while “nothing is stirring, (in the house) not even a mouse…” to that manuscript. :) I had planned to finish my novel on the 27th… but I have no idea if it will be done at 80,000 words by then. :P But, I am going to try shoot for a few thousand words tonight. :)

Don’t Go On Vacation

In many parts of the world, we’re getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Even for those not observing the holiday, many are about to take off a week (or more) of work. Families will get together to exchange gifts, eat food, and nap excessively. A lot of my online friends are encouraging you to rest, to take a social media break and be present to those you love. Yes, do that. Be present. Be available. But don’t go on autopilot.
One Way to Get Ahead
Have you ever seen the movie Iron Will? It’s your typical “underdog” story about a young man who enters a cross-country dogsled race to beat the odds and save his family.
Do you know what he does to succeed? It’s simple: Each night, he shaves an extra hour of sleep off his schedule, until the last night when he doesn’t sleep at all.
When others are sleeping, he is working. And he wins.
This is one way to break out of the constant feeling of falling behind: Work harder; show up more often. It’s not easy. It will require sacrifice. But it will also bring about results.
What If You Did This?
During a season when much of the world is going to sleep, what if you didn’t? What if you tackled that manuscript you’ve been procrastinating working on? What if you got up early or stayed up late? What if you started a new project, read a book for fun, or started working out? This is the secret to beating the status quo: Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Do what you know you need to do. This Isn’t for Everyone

Some people will read this and get the wrong idea.They’ll think I am advocating for workaholism or antisocial behavior. Not at all.What I am encouraging is for you to live a life you won’t regret. So many times, I’ve wasted my energy on things that don’t matter. I’ve squandered opportunities with distractions and comforts that didn’t add up to much in the long-run. This season, I’m compelled to be different — to pursue my passion and create a life I don’t have to escape from. Yes, I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m going to rest up, turn off email, and eat some sweets. But I’m also going to finish my book. I’m going to run five times a week. And I’m going to write as many blog posts as I can, so that I can begin the New Year ahead of schedule, not behind.

This may not be for you. You may need to take some much-needed rest. And if so, please do that without one ounce of guilt. But for those who have projects we know we need to work on, I hope we find a way to invest in our passions. They’re worth it, aren’t they?

I would love to encourage you with what Jeff has said. What are you working on this season?  Please leave a comment with a brief explanation of your project, It’s always cool to hear what’s going on in your world so that I know that I am not alone! :P

Have a wonderful & Merry Christmas,


2 thoughts on “Don’t do what everyone else is doing! :) Finish that book…

  1. I’m going to go check out Jeff Goins’ blog after this.

    Your post is encouraging–I’ve been procrastinating for no good reason. I’ve been doing better about blogging, but actually writing? My book? It’s like my fingers have been comatose. Just dead floppy things.

    I’m writing a novel about homeless woman and a street artist, and I’m revising my memoir. I’m going to throw dinner in the oven then just pound my floppy dead fingers on the keyboard till they realize they should be dancing. :)

  2. Thank you for following my blog! I am excited to hear about other writer’s plans and what they are up to! Glad to meet you and follow your journey in writing as well! :) Keep those fingers dancing! :)

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