Moving, worry, rain, and birthdays!

I have been helping my boyfriend move his family to another house the past week! It was definitely a lot of work, but I am glad that we are finally done. :) The next things on my list are needing an apartment, and a job. So keep me in your prayers for that. :) It’s also been raining a lot for the past week, they say it will continue to rain for 2 weeks. hopefully the weather people are wrong!
The 24th of January, I celebrated my 24th birthday. It was memorable. We finished helping with the cleaning for their old house and then we had dinner with some good friends at a Portuguese chicken place called Nandos! :) It was delicious! Yum! After that we all gathered at Johan’s new house and watched the movie courageous! I love that movie! It is definitely a lovely movie with great lessons!

And on top of everything else, I have found myself worrying about crazy things lately. God kind of showed me that I shouldn’t worry about who I am going to become and instead I should just work on who I am now.

Much Love and will Write again soon! :)


Change is…

I have been thinking about it lately. Change, that is. It’s kind of scary. You are not in your comfort zone and everything is different or changing around you so fast that you don’t know what way is exactly up or down? I am currently learning another language. My boyfriend speaks Afrikaans- which, is one language that many people speak in South Africa. His brother will be getting married in March, here in Australia. I am super excited, but yet nervous because the wedding will be in Afrikaans. It’s something to do with comfort zones… because I know there won’t be many main English speakers there. I wish I knew more of the language. Do any of you speak more than one language a lot of the time, or are you learning? If so what helps you learn it? or Soak it in, for that matter?

Settling in… with so much scope for imagination. :)

I am now in Australia. :) It feels almost like I never left. The beautiful trees stretching far above me. The warm weather and cool breeze. The smell of the salt at the sea. So much scope for imagination here as Anne of Green Gables would say! :)

Singapore was an amazing experience. The country was extremely clean, unlike what I thought it would be. It was definitely a good first impression to an Asian country! :) We had a very interesting experience of Singaporean food and culture. :) It was both nice and a bit frightening with the food. Some of it was soooo different than what I am used to.

So, I am going to start writing again this week. Editing my story. :) I am also reading “The Hunger Games” and have been enjoying it a lot! I will update again soon and with pictures as well! :)


Much Love,


After a loooong flight – I am here!

This will be a quick note to let all of you, my readers know that after a 15-hour flight i madde it to Singapore. The flight from Chicago to Hong Kong was very long and then the Hong Kong to Singapore wasn’t bad, but my stomach was experiencing nervousness and nausea. On the flight from Chicago i saw our plane on the map fly up into Canada, and then over Greenland, and then Siberia, Russia, and then China… I am amazed… guess that is way quicker – JUST fly over the world and you are on the other side. Instead of digging there…. hahhaa…. sorry bad pun intended as I am always digging myself to China. That was bad, but other than that I met a really nice Chinese girl who works in Singapore and she has an American boyfriend. It was interesting just talking to her- she was a very nice girl!

So, now I am waiting for my boyfriend. :) It’s been such a long time!

I shall be off. Will write again soon though!


Book Review – The Baker’s Wife

“The Baker’s Wife” written by Erin Healy was a total masterpiece. The characters totally came to life and brought colors to the pages. Healy’s writing voice is so much fun to read. Her story telling is astounding. Especially, in the colorfulness and mysteriousness of the Bofinger & Mansfields’ families lives. Each character is entertaining and vibrant. They jump off the page at the reader. I love this story of forgiveness, and humble love. I recommend it to anyone.

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