After a loooong flight – I am here!

This will be a quick note to let all of you, my readers know that after a 15-hour flight i madde it to Singapore. The flight from Chicago to Hong Kong was very long and then the Hong Kong to Singapore wasn’t bad, but my stomach was experiencing nervousness and nausea. On the flight from Chicago i saw our plane on the map fly up into Canada, and then over Greenland, and then Siberia, Russia, and then China… I am amazed… guess that is way quicker – JUST fly over the world and you are on the other side. Instead of digging there…. hahhaa…. sorry bad pun intended as I am always digging myself to China. That was bad, but other than that I met a really nice Chinese girl who works in Singapore and she has an American boyfriend. It was interesting just talking to her- she was a very nice girl!

So, now I am waiting for my boyfriend. :) It’s been such a long time!

I shall be off. Will write again soon though!


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