Moving, worry, rain, and birthdays!

I have been helping my boyfriend move his family to another house the past week! It was definitely a lot of work, but I am glad that we are finally done. :) The next things on my list are needing an apartment, and a job. So keep me in your prayers for that. :) It’s also been raining a lot for the past week, they say it will continue to rain for 2 weeks. hopefully the weather people are wrong!
The 24th of January, I celebrated my 24th birthday. It was memorable. We finished helping with the cleaning for their old house and then we had dinner with some good friends at a Portuguese chicken place called Nandos! :) It was delicious! Yum! After that we all gathered at Johan’s new house and watched the movie courageous! I love that movie! It is definitely a lovely movie with great lessons!

And on top of everything else, I have found myself worrying about crazy things lately. God kind of showed me that I shouldn’t worry about who I am going to become and instead I should just work on who I am now.

Much Love and will Write again soon! :)


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