Sunny Coast = Rainy Coast…Writing…Flat searching…Job searching…

I am currently sitting at the desk in my room at my boyfriend’s parents house in Nambour Australia. It is so relaxing because the rain is falling in a constant downpour on the roof. I remember the first time I was in Australia, the rain made me feel crazy… It was almost like I couldn’t relax. I felt like I was on caffeine. It was horrible, yes. But I have gotten used to it. On the Sunshine Coast I have probably seen the most rain in my whole life. I thought that when it rained it poured at home in Minnesota, but was I ever wrong. Today I signed the lease for my flat in Brisbane. I am excited about this new adventure. It will be an interesting one.

I was so happy to finally get a flat, because after a while it got to be too much with the searching and such. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now, I am gong to be job searching. Next week I will search around the city for jobs. I majored in English/mass communications so of course my dream is to write. I would love to do anything in the writing, editing, publishing, marketing field. So, I will search high and low for something like that, but in the mean time I will also look for available jobs that will allow me to get some spare change! The saying starving artists could be true. At least I enjoy what I do, right? :) I joined the Queensland Writer’s Centre and am very excited with the events and seminars that they have going on in the very near future. I am going to take one on March 10th which is called Going The Distance: Rediscovering Your Writing Drive and then in April sometime, my boyfriend and I will be headed to Toowoomba (Which I am looking forward to, because I absolutely adore that area. It is full of trees, fields, hills (The Australians call them mountains, but compared to what the Rocky Mountains are… they would be considered foothills, but for the Aussie’s sake I will call them mountains! lol!) We will be attending a writer’s conference on Memoir and telling your life story! I am looking forward to that. :)
I can’t believe that it is almost March! That means that I have been in Australia for 3 months in total. It goes so fast! March will be a great month, as Johan’s brother and sister in law will be getting married on the beach here in Australia. It will be an absolutely lovely wedding. Then I will be attending the Hillsong Women’s Conference in Sydney. I am excited to visit Sydney once again. Last time I was there, I enjoyed it a lot! I believe it will be just as nice this time.

Other than all that jazz, I have been writing and will be writing some blog posts for websites and newspapers. I am looking forward to telling of the adventures I have been having.

I better go, It’s stopped raining. I bet, though, by the time I have published it that it will have started raining again! lol… Good Night World! :)


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