Feeling out of touch with everyone!

Today has been one of those days where everything gets you emotionally. The weather here has been rainy and overcast pretty much all day! I have finished getting my place all cozy and clean! I should be done with all that tonight as when I get home I will finish the cleaning. I have to clean the blinds. I am sure the person who lived there before me didn’t get their money back from the bond/deposit. One thing I found funny earlier this week was that the property manager said the man was like 70 and that he went on a walk about and never returned! Makes me wonder where he is and if he is lost in the outback or… Yeah… It makes me wonder what happened to him. I am currently looking for a job. I printed resumes and such so starting Monday it will be looking intensely! I haven’t been able to get my Internet up and running here yet! It’s a tad bit annoying… Fine it’s really annoying! I miss my family and wish I could Skype but haven’t been able to for a little more than a week. So besides looking for jobs, I will be dedicated to finding Internet this week via wifi or broadband for my flat.

I am sure you all saw the post where I was a guest blogger on Krissy Brady’s blog about writing. If you haven’t seen it, hop on over! Besides she has quite a few other neat posts and entries with awesome writing advice!

Later in the week I will be uploading an interview that I did with Robert Liparulo, author of many amazing books! His most recent is “The 13th Tribe”!! Which was amazing! So definitely keep your eyes open for the interview in the next few days! :)

Well I better be going!

Much Love from this side of the world,


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