Writing & Being Sick!

Yesterday I went to The Queensland Writing Centre for a writer’s workshop! It was absolutely an amazing workshop! Our teacher is a published Brisbane Author, Tiana Templeman. The workshop was called “Rediscovering Your Writing Drive” which was a really good little kick in my butt. I totally needed it. Since I am currently at about 60,000 words on my novel “The Created Ones” and it needs to get up to at least 80,000… besides it just needs to become finished. So, That is my goal for this month. If I aim at finishing the complete manuscript by mid April I would be as happy as a queen! :) Then I will look over everything and figure out where next to go with it.

ImageHere are a few pictures of my walk to the Queensland State Library, which is where the Queensland Writing Centre is located. I think I found my new favorite writing places. Some outside places and inside. :) Yay, for inspiration!

Here is a beautiful view of the city! While walking there and seeing this, I was thinking about how blessed I am to live here for a year. I am so thankful for everything and everyone God has given me. My family, boyfriend, his family, and my friends.

 Isn’t this a neat looking library? They are quite different looking than the ones back home, but once I got inside – there was that lovely feeling that you only get in a library. It was like welcome home. I haven’t felt that way about a Library since the library at my college in Minnesota! :)

Other than being extremely inspired from that lovely workshop, I have been sick, as I told you in my last post. But, I have been getting better and only have these horrible cough attacks. They are just horrible! Yesterday after the workshop I walked to Central Station and took the train to the Sunny Coast. Johan came to the train station to pick me up. I am so thankful for him. More than he knows. I am laying on the bed in his parents guest room. I slept sooo well last night (…and I sorta slept in…) but, that is good because at my place everyday even though I have been sick I have gotten up at 7am because of the BRIGHT BLINDING LIGHT coming in my apartment windows. I think this next week I will search for some curtains and a rod. It will help greatly!

This coming week, I think I will majorly focus on looking for a job and also writing for my book! Then on Thursday I will be flying to Sydney. I am going to the Hillsong Women’s Colour Conference! I am so pumped. I haven’t been in Sydney since about 2 years ago. I promise that when I leave and arrive I will certainly take many pictures and jot down many notes. :)

I am so happy that I have this blog, It’s so nice to write to people and share with them about my life and adventures. It’s a nice feeling!

Hope you all are Healthy & Happy!


2 thoughts on “Writing & Being Sick!

  1. Sounds like a great conference. I’d like to attend one of these someday, especially if they can help reignite that drive one needs to keep pushing through to the end of a novel. For a while, I’ve been stuck at about 100K in a story that probably needs to be about 120K to capture the entire idea. I’m hoping to break through here soon enough. Perhaps I should make goals like you have. Maybe I should make April the month I complete this latest book. Yeah, I like that idea :-)

    Sorry you’re ill. Had something similar for about a month. Took forever for the cough to go away.

    Good luck on your writing goal!

    • Yeah! You should look into it. There are probably writing conferences or workshop someplace near where you live. :) It’s worth checking into. Yeah, I know how you feel about feeling stuck in a certain word count.

      That is a great idea. Make April a month like no other… :) Just keep pushing through and finish that novel!
      Good luck to you as well! :)

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