Lis Wiehl Interview

Hello Everyone! I just got back from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I went there for the Hillsong Colour Conference. It was absolutely amazing! I will be sure to write a post about the whole experience and I will be sure to also attach pictures! I have been reading some really good books by Lis Wiehl – So, I thought to interview her. When thinking of questions – I found out she had gone to school in Brisbane, Australia. Which is where I am located at the moment. I got excited to ask her questions not only about her writing but also about her experience in Aussie. Here is her interview! I hope you enjoy it!

Interview with Lis Wiehl
Lis Wiehl used to be on the Fox News O’reilly Factor. She was also a prosecutor and journalist. She has currently written a few fictional books. Her best known are “The Triple Threat Club” books. Check out more of her books here!

Devin, You are living in Brisbane? I love Brisbane! I had a year there and got my Master’s and traveled all around Asia during my ‘winter’ break. Wow..enjoy. The people are wonderful. Now, I’ll take a stab at some of your questions, but you’d be totally bored if I tried to answer them all, so I’ll be brief so you don’t yawn too much. My greatest inspirations for writing are my mom (an immigrant from Denmark, who got her PhD in English and taught at a college level) and my dad, a former FBI agent, who always had great stories to tell. I got the wonderment and excitement of telling a story from them. Ideas? Well, ideas are all around us all the time. Mine come from what I know, i.e. cases I’ve prosecuted or cases I’ve covered as a journalist. One of the wonderful things about fiction is that you can meld the real with the made up to tell a compelling story. With Eyes of Justice, due out this April 3, I wanted to tell a story about friendship, loss, and renewal. I ask the readers to take a walk with these three women, all strong yet absolutely fallible. In our lives we will be faced with extreme adversity…it is how we handle that adversity that defines us. Regarding my writing methods: I’m pretty disciplined. My college writing teacher told me to “write a page a day”, and I did. And I’ve kept that up, sometimes many more than a page a day. And, if I’m away from my writing computer, I leave myself post it notes (lots of them) , and phone messages relaying to myself an idea for a chapter, or character. Oh, it sounds as if I talk to myself. Yikes. I hope this at least answers some of your questions..all the best to you, and say Hi to Brisbane for me, Lis

Hope you enjoyed this note-like interview! Hope you all have been great and happy! :)
Much Love,
Devin :)

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