Update… Wedding on the Beach, Easter, Job Search, Mountain Climb, Writing…

Hello Everyone, I have so badly missed my blog and I want to apologize for not having written for awhile. I have been pretty busy here. I helped with my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding. It was so gorgeous – as it was on the beach! :)

Other than the wedding we have been busy. Johan has been busy with his studies and I have been trying to find a job. Filling out applications and sending resumes in while of course still writing. I have been adding to my fictional novel “The Created Ones” which I will share some more on down below.

I do remember saying that I would share some pictures from the Colour Conference at Hillsong Sydney. Here are some! :)

Beth Moore and a few other great speakers joined the Hillsong Crew and many different people from all over the world joined us all in Sydney. There were more than 37 Nations represented at the Colour Conference Sydney 2012. It was an amazing time! :)

A few days ago I went hiking in the Glasshouse Mountains. It was beautiful and I got some wonderful story ideas when I got to the top of the mountain and okay… also on the way up. It was hard work and I was sore for the next two days. Check out my travel blog entry on the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Travel Blog: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/travel/blogs/146811325.html

I found out what my lead characters in “The Created Ones” will look like. In my next blog entry I will share those pictures and some more information!

There are a few days left for my flash-fiction writing contest. Make sure to enter! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter!! :) He is the REASON for the SEASON!! :)

I will write soon again!

Much Love,


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