New Story Idea! :P RAIN… SUNNY COAST…

I have a new story idea. Yup, I should stop saying that and just finish writing the one I am working on. It drives me crazy, since I am in the process of redirecting my novel… as I think it has turned into a longer project than just one book. But more like 3 or more books. My new book idea would be a inspirational book on how to deal with and love unlovable people. Because whether you like to admit it or not… there are some people in our lives who are tough to live with or sometimes even tough to love. So, within a few days I will have created a quiz that I will post on here to get input on what you people think! I’d also like to get some personal experience stories if anyone wouldn’t mind… so I will post more on this later… but I just wanted to get it out there. I will change names for the security of the people who are sharing their information with me.

The past week has been rather stressful for me. It’s been one of the weeks. I will write more on it later!!

Much Love,


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